Sunday, May 26, 2013

Loss of Limb

A severe thunderstorm blew through Abilene a couple of days ago, with winds in excess of 90 miles an hour.  We are very grateful that the only casualty was the mesquite tree that stands proudly in our front yard.

 photo P5242024_zps9821dbe1.jpg

We were not home at the time, but this is where we usually park our car. 

 photo P5242028_zps12019e35.jpg

We are very sad to that our lovely tree is fractured and we have lost some of the lovely shade it provides, but we are truly truly thankful that it didn't fall on our house or anyONE for that matter.

 photo Current-Folder-001_zpsdaa31f97.jpg

Yesterday, the hubs ( with the little boy "helping" ), took down the limb and cleared up the front yard. 

 photo Current-Folder_zpsf455ee5c.jpg

Onward and Upward!

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