Monday, June 24, 2013

A Jack of All Trades Post

I'm going to blame my lack of blogging on "Draw Something", which I currently play on my phone.  :) Nuff said - until a "Draw Something" post, that is..

Anyway, once again, a mish mosh of probably unrelated stuff from LAST MONTH, for goodness sakes. :P

Cindy is in Africa for her yearly mission trip to Zambia, and we've missed her much since she left in mid May.  We love it though, that she gets wifi there and so we can send emails and pictures back and forth!

 photo P5101951_zpse2e16075.jpg

Also, the little boy loves it when he gets to Skype with Poh Poh and show her all the neat stuff he has. :)

 photo IMG_20130520_094752_415_zpsddb0ec0f.jpg

Hurray for the internetz!

On one of our excursions - I can't even remember what we were out that way, at the moment. ANYWAY, we came across this tiny little waterfall ( if you can call it that ) which we were totally fascinated by.  I mean, it had the rushing sounds and everything! LOL. I know. It sounds lame, but here in drought country, we take what we can get.

  photo P5091948_zps1dd4c2ae.jpg

Here's one for the ages.  A rare mummy-little boy series of photos where mummy doesn't look totally horrendous. I said Horrendous, not "silly". THAT, I can totally muster up.

 photo Blog_zpsae6d08ca.jpg

Last but not least, the hubs and I celebrated our birthdays and anniversary last weekend. :) The little boy told us that we would have special privileges on our  birthdays, i.e. we were allowed to "open the doors", which is something the little boy insists on doing every time, at every door we come to.  :) But once our birthdays were over, we would have to hand that responsibility back over to him. :)

 photo P5262051_zps1c24aed8.jpg

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water Works

The pipes for the place were already laid down way before we moved in to the land, by the family that owned it before.  We don't really have an idea of exactly how old those pipes are, but they have been problematic.  We've had a number of leaks in the past years, and our water provider coop guy has been good enough to adjust the bill on a few occasions, and we've had guys come and fix the isolated leaks.

Earlier last month, it sprung a leak again, and the monthly bills were preposterous. This time, however, we had had enough, and went ahead and changed out everything, from the road all the way to the house. Now, that's a long long distance, but it was money that needed to be spent.

We had the guys ( recommended by the water co. guy ) come out, dig a long trench and lay down the new pipe..

  photo P5061898_zps72a8b78b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130506_145920_806_zps5b5cbd75.jpg

  photo IMG_20130506_145859_853_zps731c756e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130506_145945_682_zps6cfc4157.jpg

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Okay, I'm seriously lagging...

But here's a post about how we went to Lake McCarty.... approximately er, a month ago.

We packed a dinner and our "picnic" stuff, and chowed down al fresco .

 photo Current-Folder-002_zpsfda190d8.jpg

The little boy had lots of fun digging up rocks and shells, drawing in the sand,

 photo Current-Folder_zps4432a07c.jpg

exploring rock holes and throwing stones into the lake.

 photo Current-Folder-001_zps36956dbe.jpg

In the midst of all of that, someone got their truck stuck in the water/mud while they were attempting to let their boat down onto the lake.

 photo Current-Folder-003_zpse23d0838.jpg

We even managed to squeeze in some Kite Flying time :)

 photo Current-Folder-004_zps23146062.jpg