Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My boys getting some "kiting" in, with daddy showing the little boy the ropes. ( er, no pun intended )

 photo a2a7c4e2-f0a0-4ad2-9792-b909563039ad_zps63734acb.jpg

 photo 8bf74496-d4f2-4623-af9c-f07e582d174d_zps9589f63f.jpg

 photo f09e1a20-b2e2-4b57-9700-7d33531bbcd5_zps9cbfa204.jpg

 photo 7a7e0b5e-14c4-430e-899e-47e23d9b4e78_zps09534c89.jpg

Don't they look just way too cool? :)


Asianmommy said...

How fun! Love the Angry Birds hat.

letti said...

Thanks :) Any time daddy and little boy bond, those are great times :)

valerie said...

aw, that's great!!
We got to do this this Spring for a bit, I still haven't posted my pics hahaha

letti said...

lol i'm still posting stuff from last month, i'm lagging badly :)