Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Children's Art and Literacy Festival

We do a library run with the little boy every week, and borrow at least 20 - 30 books each time.  So when the Children's Art and Literacy Festival came along, it was a grand adventure for the little boy.

We started off at the NCCIL, where there was an exhibition of Walter Wick's work, and especially highlighting Seymour, the little ?marionette? toy that would be hidden in his Can You See What I see / I Spy books.

 photo 351158bf-01f9-4b52-8ede-00fcaf18eb20_zps4d0e499e.jpg

We walked around the different pieces of artwork, trying to spot Seymour.

 photo c164da19-5098-4cbd-bc7b-31776bafba70_zps693a3e5e.jpg

Then we walked down to Everman/Storybook Park, and took a ride on the Seymour Express!

 photo 0ca97d55-4546-43dc-b5c0-18f45d33f29b_zps0a37fd42.jpg

The little boy had fun trying to spot the 20 little Seymours hidden in the park,among the different Dr. Seuss characters and whatnot, as we chugged twice around the park.

 photo b4489f61-4f35-4e94-ab3d-ab7d261a6431_zpsdf7b08dd.jpg

After the train ride, we walked a little way and made a circuit around downtown in the trolley.  The trolley was bringing the townsfolk to the different participating destinations around town.

 photo ad73bff2-255c-4727-89d1-53a104dd2e51_zps092d3e35.jpg

 photo a484f23e-9261-4cec-966d-2c8faaf79f95_zpsb49af986.jpg

We took a short breather by the Vera Minter Memorial Park on the way back to the library.......

 photo b96c8b60-c851-44e9-9dec-6442b5f9f885_zps4a8e604c.jpg

where we were in time for a book reading and "pirate" activities upstairs in the auditorium.

 photo ff7ce795-bed3-4a31-95cf-7a8b4f9c9039_zps1950b059.jpg

 photo af8cd886-675e-4198-9a17-5b1e72bb15f7_zps2bc6ebbc.jpg

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