Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's the lesson that counts, right?

Jaxon and I read Ruth Krauss' The Carrot Seed for "school", and one of the activities we did together was plant a bunch of carrot seeds.  :)

It was meant much more to be a learning experience, rather than the grow huge carrots, and so a few months later, we had our first little harvest of er, mini carrots :)

 photo 0a220104-e3bd-48d1-89af-355eff6386e0_zpsa48c87dd.jpg

 photo 28ff180e-6fa0-4447-a31f-d1085c5ddb6b_zps1ae843d9.jpg

 photo f94dd77d-1f8e-4de4-b47b-b5eccfaf98c6_zps93677405.jpg

 photo 5fd22fda-92c6-4577-a77a-d4d8ef5a9636_zps322608df.jpg

 photo cd75ce4d-7ace-4c4e-82d4-256bd1e1fd22_zpse7142e31.jpg

 photo acb8b11b-9838-4c51-9e3b-00a6f9793824_zps27ef9c7f.jpg


Asianmommy said...

Wow--great job! We planted ours in late July, so they're just now sprouting up a bit.

edina monsoon said...

woo...thats the first time I've seen carrots being harvested. ( Smurf village harvesting doesn't count )