Friday, August 16, 2013

What do you do when...

it is summertime and you have a little boy who loves running through the sprinklers but comes running to YOU every 45 seconds because he needs to wipe the water off his eyes, on your shirt???

 photo 75079897-5dfb-4a4b-b96f-53ac20e3ff6c_zpsa6deb536.jpg

Get him some goggles, of course :)

 photo 89db8652-d757-45b6-8934-a519a6f7523f_zpsb2c4d70c.jpg

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Rob and Monica said...

ha ha! Oh, I remember the days of running through sprinklers as a kid and how fun that was, water in the eyes or not! I am glad your son loves it too! (Rob)