Friday, October 25, 2013

A Lunch with a View

We drove out to the Mile Long Bridge near Breckenridge last week for a picnic lunch.

 photo 56d0d6a3-c773-4b29-afae-5d5096d526ee_zpse3054c24.jpg

 photo 40b2f290-9b1d-416d-8b96-52f840eb824c_zps8e386957.jpg

 photo f956e545-69d1-42fe-b9cb-019f7b01c76f_zps3a22e006.jpg

The last time we were there, was when we had Grandad and us out on an excursion.

 photo 51407f30-88a1-4b40-a4d5-7507fabd7229_zps826c4bf9.jpg

 photo 2dafa269-ce69-4222-b9f9-f471528e3ee7_zpsf67426fe.jpg

Even though we had a great time, and enjoyed the view tremendously, it was still sad to see how low the lake was, from all the drought we'd been having.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I ♡♥ Libraries

What would I be without the library?

 photo b5c92732-2029-4d06-937a-d02768ab4d4c_zps7c84cbf6.jpg

For one thing, I wouldn't have the Interlibrary Loan system to help borrow books all the way from Indiana and North Carolina!

 photo c80c08d8-25c7-47dd-91c8-3c5e81c7876a_zpsfd9f5b64.jpg

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Country Balloon Fest

A couple of weekends ago, the Balloon Fest blew into town.

We went there twice.

 photo 2eed153d-0511-409a-9b67-ea5a6adff674_zps899bbc4f.jpg

The first night we went specifically to see the balloon flares, and we were on time. Okay, maybe we were 4 minutes late. BUT THEY STARTED HALF AN HOUR BEFORE THEY WERE SCHEDULED TO DO SO AND WE MISSED THE WHOLE THING!!! **&^%$^@@

 photo 2f6bc8de-adf4-4c3a-8940-dc17490a6928_zpsadbc8d1d.jpg

So we ended up letting the little boy go wild on the bouncy castles :) and space shuttles and whatnot.

 photo 359ddb6d-7b33-42d9-bbdd-c9e1bfd64b35_zps170ec2fb.jpg

 photo c5583639-5aed-4177-bb94-fa00c63c2762_zps9bb2cce9.jpg

Seeing the little boy have so much fun made me a lot less disappointed ( or miffed ).  

The next day, it rained like crazy and it seemed like the whole event would be cancelled, but the rain let up, and we went back again for some "official business".  We even managed to catch a few minutes of flaring!

 photo 7313e58f-2adf-45d8-beb4-2d33f28a9dc3_zps58b52738.jpg

Yuckiest part of the night? Mushy wet muddy fields.
Best part of the night? A Humongaloid Funnel Cake :)

 photo 07fecb2d-3a5d-4317-8b5e-07a90d1adec9_zps195e749f.jpg

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunset Stroll with My Boys

We try to take a "sunset stroll" almost every evening. The vista is simply breathtaking where we stop for a bit. Usually the little boy plays in the dirt and runs around with the dog for a bit before we head back, but it does seem like something is missing if we miss a day.

My Garden/Walking Shoes :)

 photo Current-Folder1_zpsc6693d14.jpg

The Apple of my Eye

 photo Current-Folder2_zps3fb7a045.jpg

 photo Current-Folder_zps8e24810c.jpg

My Pillar :)

 photo Current-Folder3_zpsbe9622a9.jpg

Daddy and Little Boy moments :)

 photo Current-Folder4_zpsc0bdf136.jpg

  photo Current-Folder5_zpsdc3a93b3.jpg

My Boys

(Shy ) Daddy and Little Boy Dress-Alike-for-Church Day

 photo 8437495a-41af-4d58-b856-4da2996ec2ef_zps3cf4eaaa.jpg

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Zambia Medical Mission Luncheon

I'm trying to blog stuff AS/Right after they happen.. there's still a lot of September happenings that have yet to be blogged, but here's what we did today...

 photo Current-Folder_zps03c6baf3.jpg

Cindy had given us tickets for the Zambia Medical Mission Benefit Luncheon a few days before, and so, instead of Taco Tuesday, we had Rosa's on Wednesday! :) The occasion was also to honor Ray and Star Ferguson, a truly inspiring couple.

 photo Current-Folder1_zps2a82fe1a.jpg

The little boy was very well behaved, but 4 year olds get restless, and the little boy was soon on the floor tracing spirals, but keeping very quiet, even after he'd had 2 cookies! :)

 photo Current-Folder2_zps873a099d.jpg