Friday, October 25, 2013

A Lunch with a View

We drove out to the Mile Long Bridge near Breckenridge last week for a picnic lunch.

 photo 56d0d6a3-c773-4b29-afae-5d5096d526ee_zpse3054c24.jpg

 photo 40b2f290-9b1d-416d-8b96-52f840eb824c_zps8e386957.jpg

 photo f956e545-69d1-42fe-b9cb-019f7b01c76f_zps3a22e006.jpg

The last time we were there, was when we had Grandad and us out on an excursion.

 photo 51407f30-88a1-4b40-a4d5-7507fabd7229_zps826c4bf9.jpg

 photo 2dafa269-ce69-4222-b9f9-f471528e3ee7_zpsf67426fe.jpg

Even though we had a great time, and enjoyed the view tremendously, it was still sad to see how low the lake was, from all the drought we'd been having.

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