Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013 Part I

It will probably be Thanksgiving ( or beyond ) before I get through with all these Halloween posts :), but I will try my best :).  I pretty much have the photo collages done and just need to do some tweaking here and there before posting. ( One of the cons of having a digital camera is LOTS of photos to go through - especially if you are a camera-trigger happy Asian stereotype like myself heheh ).

The little boy had told us that this year, that he would like to be dressed up as a pirate, and so we got a little costume and foam sword from Walmart along with a pirates' bandanna I had picked up at the Dittos for Kiddos event a month or so before.

Halloween Part I was actually almost 2 weeks before the actual event.  We invited Cindy along with us to Boo at the Zoo, and she met us there, much to the little boy's delight.

 photo f19a1007-60be-424e-8186-205b03cfc0b7_zps05e198ab.jpg

We were early this year, and so it wasn't as crazy crowded as we had experienced in previous years.  It always makes me smile to see all the different get-ups that people/children arrive in.

 photo a0d0f34e-c6db-4395-a041-6616425a933a_zps9eb19632.jpg

I was very glad that there were not long long lines like before, but that we could go smoothly from booth to booth for trick or treating, stopping to look at animals along the way. 

 photo c09bfb24-0484-4a5b-a060-ec36827437a9_zps0cb2a8c6.jpg

 photo df9ef15d-1860-49cf-a1e3-fb9793e0a2d6_zps965ef308.jpg

Even though this year, the little boy went around pointing out that "That's not really a giraffe, it's just a person in a costume", or "He just has a mask on", he DID want to have his picture taken with Iron Man, Mario and several others. :)

 photo 3e4f53cf-2c04-4638-ab2a-675def880ca8_zps0f2a2152.jpg

There was a new nook at the Zoo that we hadn't come across before - a huge sandbox, just right sized "desert island" for a little "it's just a costume" pirate boy to dig for buried treasure. ARRRRRR! :)

 photo e885a2eb-c0ce-4fc0-a857-ccb269358b85_zpsefa09822.jpg

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