Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Lunch 2013

This year, the bulk of the clan was not in Abilene, including Cindy, who is in Africa for a month.  In fact, there was only 12 of us - 7 adults and 5 kids who were in town.

 photo PC256548_zps5d692df2.jpg

So, Judith invited some people from her church etc, who were also having "lonely" Christmases, to the shindig...

  photo PC256547_zpsfbc30056.jpg

 photo PC256545_zps9979db4a.jpg

 ... and we invited Xia Yu and her parents, and the Foxes were there as well.

 photo PC256546_zps7add027d.jpg

So, really, it was a little "different" this year, seeing all these unfamiliar faces at our Christmas lunch,

  photo PC256543_zpsb25be1ac.jpg

but I didn't get to "interact" very much, but spent my time at the workroom next door, doing crafts and drawing and whatnot with the boys.

 photo PC256544_zps95cc868a.jpg

All in all, we had a good Christmas, AND I still have a bunch of things to post, that happened BEFORE as well as on Christmas Day. ... Like Christmas MORNING!!

and so, as usual,

to be continued. :)

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