Monday, December 30, 2013

❄ ❆♬♪ Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree ♫♭❄ ❆

This year, with the 3 of us decorating the tree together, we got it done in no time at all.  Daddy did most of the tall high branches, mommy did some of the medium height ones and the little boy had his own special ornaments that he had made in the years past etc, that were hung at little boy height.

 photo 413b5c9f-4112-4187-b630-53ff72a96965_zps07d96877.jpg

 photo Blog2_zpsa0dad6c2.jpg

And of course, in keeping with  tradition, the little boy helped to put the Star on the very top.

 photo a35cf7f2-2ae7-44d6-bf1d-c2c4b4f9f2aa_zpsb3c7fa4a.jpg

 photo 921ca326-54fb-4dde-ad68-09c9f2ebb0e6_zps803bf6bf.jpg

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Rob and Monica said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and a merry Christmas! Happy New Year, Letti! (Rob)