Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program..

to let you know that you are NOT going anywhere for the next few days on account of the freezing rain and slick roads and winter storm warnings.

  photo genie2_tray12302014101947PMbmp_zpse81e7f72.jpg

 photo genie2_tray12302014101958PMbmp_zps5400c4c5.jpg

Good Grief.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Happenings II : Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

I am trying to cram the rest of our Holiday Happenings in before it turns 2015!

A few weeks ago, we had breakfast with Santa at church. photo 1_zpse77798df.jpg
Breakfast was pancakes, sausages and juice or milk.
 photo 2_zps40c0fef8.jpg
I really missed Cindy because at these occasions, we would try to sit together to eat and talk.
 photo 4_zps63e8a31f.jpg
This year, Santa was up front and center on the stage, when in previous years, he had always hidden behind a screen of some sort.  I couldn't figure it out.
  photo 5_zpsa9538660.jpg
ANYWAY, there was quite a crowd as usual, with almost everyone dressed up festively or in their PJs :)
 photo 3_zps515bfb26.jpg
The little boy and I made the craft rounds,
  photo 6_zps71b22d4a.jpg
although he didn't seem quite as enthusiastic about them as last year.
 photo 7_zps06997c68.jpg
 photo 8_zps5b37fdb0.jpg
 photo 9_zps2fdeffc4.jpg
But we still came away with souveniers to keep.

The little boy, for some reason, was reluctant to see Santa this year, when last year he was all smiles and glee.  He kind of froze up when it was his turn, not smiling and shy, and unsure of what to say  He had asked me earlier if it was okay if he didn't tell Santa what he wanted.
 photo 12_zps1e57d715.jpg
Once OFF of Santa's lap, though, he was happy again, playing around and posing in the fake snow. :)
 photo 10_zps70474dbc.jpg
 photo 11_zps40f56238.jpg
After Santa left, presumably to bring happiness and cheer to other children elsewhere, the little boy wasted no time hamming it up on Santa's chair.
 photo 13_zps804f17a0.jpg
Brother. :)

I can't wait to see what kind of reaction the maturity of NEXT YEAR brings :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Happenings I : HEB Feast of Sharing

This is the 10th year HEB is having a Feast of Sharing for the community in Abilene, and I can hardly believe that I have been here long enough to have been at the very first one.
 photo PC091938_zps5d464ffd.jpg
 photo PC091924_zpsa0ca9839.jpg
 photo PC091926-001_zpsc66a2754.jpg
 photo Blog_zpsc8b8c918.jpg
 photo Blog-001_zps91c36ebf.jpg
We never used to go to the "back" where the activities were, but after the little boy was born, that seems to be the highlight of the night.
 photo PC091965_zps23878dd3.jpg
This year, for some reason, he is incredibly shy about meeting Santa or saying anything to Santa. I wonder why. I'll chalk it up to "a phase". :)
 photo Blog-003_zpsad676052.jpg
We had, however, looked at the old posts from my blog about the previous times we had been there, and he wanted to look out for all the familiar inflatables, and lo and behold, they were there!
 photo Blog-002_zps9a7bd62f.jpg
 photo Blog-004_zps45511cfd.jpg
We arrived pretty late, so many of the booths were winding down already by the time we got there. We still managed to get in a few crafts before it was time to go.
 photo Blog-005_zpsd00acd09.jpg
I guess we'll see you next year, Feast of Sharing! Keep up the Good Work!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The weather forecast says that we will be getting rain and possibly snow in the early morning hours.  That just reminded me of a week or so ago, when I woke up, went outside and it looked like I had been transported to Brigadoon.
 photo IMG_20141208_084100_624_zps6934409d.jpg
 photo IMG_20141208_084144_920_zps1079e599.jpg
 photo IMG_20141208_084223_890_zps55e6d903.jpg

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

We tried to get our Christmas Tree earlier this year, but we had to concentrate on several other things that had become major priorities in the mean time - like sorting out our Health Insurance and whatnot.

We still managed to get the tree about 2 weeks before Christmas, from Lowe's, where they were already on sale for 50% less.
  photo PC132054_zpsde21f611.jpg
We found a beautiful 7 foot Fraser Fir Tree to bring home, with a little help from the Lowe's associate.
  photo PC132058_zps0528ec07.jpg
We have ornaments from our very first Christmas Tree together,
  photo CurrentFolder5_zps7c19e68d.jpg
along with ones we have accumulated along the way.  photo CurrentFolder2_zpsf16b0d84.jpg
The little boy was quite excited to help, and he got to put HIS set of ornaments, and some shatter-proof ones up.  photo CurrentFolder3_zpsf421b8ca.jpg
There were the Chinese Motif ornaments,  photo CurrentFolder_zpsff23967b.jpg
The various Annual Commemorative ornaments,
 photo CurrentFolder1_zpsd38f6799.jpg
and the regular bauble-types.
 photo DSC_0488_zpsfd560cf3.jpg
 photo DSC_0471_zps72995276.jpg
The hubs was the only one who could reach the top of that thing without a step ladder,
 photo DSC_0425_zps8af241f7.jpg
and as per our tradition, he hoisted the little boy up for the final touch, the Star.
 photo CurrentFolder6_zpsc7f82af3.jpg
 photo DSC_0469_zps3a4584e1.jpg
I love the old yellow-type lights, so that's what we strung up before we put up the ornaments, along with some that slowly changed colors.
 photo CurrentFolder4_zpsf49551ab.jpg
I love our tree. :)
 photo DSC_0483_zps5fe052b9.jpg
So far, Mr Fat Cat, being the young juvenile delinquent that he is, has been very interested and has swiped several times at the low hanging ornaments.
 photo DSC_0454_zps21319522.jpg
Each time he does that, he gets didgeridoo'd with a cardboard tube, and so far, has left the tree pretty much alone, i.e. not taken the whole thing down yet.

Let's hope it stays that way for a while :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's starting to get a little chilly

Earlier today, it was like a warm spring day, but then it started blowing in from the North, and now it's Brrrr City. ;)
 photo IMG_20141201_151009_574_zps01bd93c0.jpg
Henry's enjoying the warm sunshiny day as well. :)
 photo IMG_20141204_134926_345_zps78395d13.jpg

Sumptuous Dining

We will miss you, "The Bean At ACU", while you are closed for the Christmas holidays.  We have grown accustomed to our Sunday brunch there, and wait anxiously for when you reopen!

 photo PB301809_zps5313e8c8.jpg
 photo PB301808_zpsa87d1e66.jpg

Thursday, December 04, 2014

City Sidewalks 2014

Things that occur annually make me happy and sad and sometimes a little nervous.   That sounds of neither here not there, but man is a complex creature.  And maybe woman is even more complex. 😜
/end self reflection

 I knew that the downtown Christmas Parade was coming up and so the little boy and I looked up the previous years' parades on the blog to er, refresh "our" memories as to what to expect.  The little boy remembered bits and pieces of stuff, but then again, he is only 5.  He can already remember way more memories that I believe I might have been able to, at that age.
  photo 1_zpsbf35ab0c.jpg
ANYWAYS, we had intended to be downtown for all the pre-parade activities, like the bell ringers and choirs and the whathaveyous.  However, at the last minute, we couldn't find the car keys because apparently, one of the cats had decided that they were cat toys and had absconded with them.
  photo 2_zpsc94abb41.jpg
Long story short, we got there with just a little bit of time left, just enough to catch the community orchestra doing several renditions of Christmas carols and songs.
  photo 9_zps4aea691e.jpg
 We had arranged to meet Walter there, and it was great to have him with us.  The hubs and him have a similar appreciation of technology and movies and all the sausage-making that comes with making movies, so they are never at a loss for topics.
 photo 44_zps70182280.jpg
  photo 33_zps1f3c6d22.jpg
 photo 5_zps93f514a3.jpg
The little boy had a grand time, groovin' and movin' and shaking to "Feliz Navidad".  Who knew he had such breakdancey moves in him :)

We grabbed outselves some free popcorn from one of the downtown businesses
  photo 6_zps2603d790.jpg
 and proceeded to find a strategic place to park ourselves to watch the parade from.
 photo 8_zps0903f22a.jpg
 photo 7_zps0e417d22.jpg
There was much regaling and singing and shouting - though I was glad there was much less honking than previous years - and we managed to catch MOST of the parade.
 photo 10_zpse5154e32.jpg
 photo 11_zpse58ad320.jpg
We then crossed the street over to the Civic Center for the Tree Lighting ceremony, which was entertaining, as usual.
  photo 11a_zps78b9cf91.jpg
  photo 12_zpse0708588.jpg
  It is always interesting to watch the Glee-type kids really getting into the songs that they sing, and it is always a marvel to listen to the combined high school orchestra kids doing their thing.
 photo 13a_zpsf99cb1a7.jpg
 photo 14_zpsb3d10e64.jpg
The mayor was there with his family to officiate the whole thing, and we all sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas" after the tree was lighted.  The little boy enjoyed that for sure.
 photo 13_zps680d7faa.jpg
  photo 15_zps27a1ae67.jpg
We didn't want to be caught up in the traffic rush once the ceremony was over, so we went into the auditorium for cookies and soda 
  photo 16_zps85d973e5.jpg
and watch little cheerleaders perform their crazy feats.
  photo 17_zpsba616aa8.jpg
  photo 18_zps33383921.jpg
 Till next year, Christmas Parade, when I will once again welcome you with much nostalgia.