Saturday, January 18, 2014

Belated Christmas Party

Cindy left for Zambia before we could have our Bible Class Christmas Party. We had to postpone it because of a freak weather event that happened right before Cindy left, and so we had it yesterday, at Madge's house.

 photo 1bc05276-17b0-4c15-8a45-a5f5975c4dba_zpsaf0fc5b9.jpg

We watched an inspiring video sermon, and the hubs was the Barista, serving his Pumpkin Spice Lattes to the delighted ladies :).

 photo df525661-5878-4c66-8f08-c3c75d2ab8f2_zps2bb3bd22.jpg

Madge had a shelf of little toys to keep the little boy occupied - there was even a View Master, just like the one we had as kids, and I showed the little boy how to work it. Surprisingly, he enjoyed using it.

 photo e0bd549c-5844-4379-9a81-398050be4eb5_zps458bce8e.jpg

It was a pot-luck brunch, and everything was absolutely delicious :)

 photo bd5c54bc-c7dd-4803-b5c7-894909877e99_zps5d538ed5.jpg

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