Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not quite the last Xmas Post....

Christmas Lane

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As we went through the paces of celebrating the season, we did one of our yearly traditions of letting the little boy drive on daddy's lap while we traveled slowly through Christmas Lane.

 photo 9b9000b4-52af-416c-882b-48c5d73cde0b_zpscc97c5d6.jpg

This year, we went through twice, put in our donation, and then parked to watch the tree lights that were synchronized to holiday music.

 photo e95b798e-8ec4-44f5-969e-7e580229e51c_zps7aaca755.jpg

Then we walked over to the main building, stopped at the phone booth out front and talked to "Mrs. Claus", who was at Santa's Workshop, over the phone.

First we went into the "display room", where there was a model train scene where the boy could press a button and start the train, and where there was a bunch of themed displays.

 photo 806e39c6-e893-43bb-a845-dbaaa5ad2408_zpsc5bfac21.jpg

The highlight of the night of course, was getting to meet Santa. There weren't many people in line, but the boy couldn't keep still from all the anticipation.

 photo 6673371f-1b3a-40be-ba7f-31849f01cd48_zpsa63d8cd5.jpg

Of course, once it got to be our turn, he turned a little shy.

 photo b9cf5432-524e-4a8a-a302-3bda73fa0b2c_zps67ffb760.jpg

However,  he soon warmed up to Santa and told him what he wanted for Christmas - "Angry Birds toys and books".  ( Which he later DID get both of those things and more )

 photo dad4c79c-014f-4d00-bcc3-8be5256cceda_zps16356d1b.jpg

I mean, seriously. How could Santa resist a face like THAT?

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