Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year started yesterday, and will go on for 15 days.  After numerous years of not going home for a reunion or having familiar Malaysian CNYish stuff, I decided this year that I would order some things online from an online asian store opened by a fellow Malaysian.

 photo Current-Folder1_zps29a7b185.jpg

I got just a few things - mainly little sweet cookie/biscuity stuff which I used to take SO for granted back in Malaysia.... and a packet of assorted noodles :)

 photo Current-Folder2_zpsd43750b1.jpg

 photo Current-Folder5_zps9b179e56.jpg

Another thing I got, especially for the little boy, was a packet of Chocolate Gold Coins, which I had planned to put in a few Red Packets/ Hong Baos for him.

  photo Current-Folder4_zpsded053f1.jpg

Of course, on Chinese New Year, he got some red packets with actual money in them, but he was very much okayIseethemoney, but May I Have My Chocolate Coin Please?

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Rob and Monica said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! :) (Monica)

letti said...

Loved Rob's search for the Horse on FB!!! :)