Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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So, I get a call to my cell phone this morning, and this very cocky sounding guy starts saying, "Hello, I am such-and-so from Publishers Clearing House"

Me : "Yes, May I know who you are looking for?"
Guy : "Haven't you heard of me?"
Me : "No, Sir, I have not. Can you tell me who you are calling for?"
Guy : "Haven't you seen me on TV?"
Me : "No, Sir, I have not."

I proceeded to tell him that I had somewhere to go and that I could not take his phone call, and hung up.

3 minutes later, the hub's cell phone rings.  Our cell phone numbers are a couple of numbers apart.

I basically have the same conversation with the same guy, and after I assured him AGAIN that I had not heard of him, nor seen him on TV, HE hung up. LOL!

Anyway, later on I googled the number, and find out that it originated from JAMAICA, and that loads of other people have had Jamaican numbers call them, telling them that they had been winners to some capacity in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and that they needed to pay some "taxes" before they could receive their cash winnings.

Er. Yeah. Right.

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Rob and Monica said...

I hate when telemarketers call my cell phone. I'm glad you didn't waste too much time on the phone with him! (Rob)