Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Okay, so I didn't blog for half a month..

over on this here blog.  I DID blog some on the little boy's blog.  We have been diligently doing schoolwork and whatnot.

One of the latest books that we had been studying/reading, was Peter Rabbit.  One of the suggestions was to do some watercolor painting, as in the style of Beatrix Potter.  The little boy did tremendously.

And guess who decided to rekindle some Art-Love?  The pictures were printed from a "coloring book" website, and I just did the paints.

I tried to brighten the pictures some in photo-shop, but the colors turned out a little funky. Oh well.

 photo Current-Folder6_zps4ae3b665.jpg

 photo Current-Folder7_zpsd70c8157.jpg

 photo Current-Folder8_zps81654af3.jpg

None of these are excellent by any means, but my I kind of got my sea legs back with each subsequent picture, and the last one, of Benjamin Bunny is my favorite one of the three :)

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edina monsoon said...

I like Jemima Puddle duck...the name is nice to say really fast over and over again:)