Thursday, March 13, 2014

Way too close for comfort

About a little over 3 weeks ago, we came home from dinner, to this, in front of our neighbor's fence/gate, blocking the path and entrance to our house.

 photo f863a160-04f1-45ae-9cdd-1e7012e92ed4_zps67e7d5c6.jpg

There must have been at least 10 different law enforcement cars from different counties and jurisdictions parked all over the road, blocking the way to our house, which was just next door.

Turns out, there someone "armed and dangerous" had led them on a wild high speed chase through several counties, and they just so happened to crash their truck right in front of our neighbor's place, got out of the truck and ran into the darkness between our places.

We were NOT going into our place knowing that some psycho-armed-and-dangerous guy could suddenly pop out of a closet or something.

Now that's some drama and excitement we can all do without.   

So, Jaxon and I waited in our locked car, while the hubs led at least 6 armed law enforcement officers who were in their bulletproof vests and automatic firearms, around the property and into the sheds, RV, rooms of every house, etc etc.   I mean, we live out in the country, and there is a heckuva lotta places he could be hiding.

They finally said it was safe to go back in the house, but the hubs and I spent a very long and anxiety-filled night, made worse by search helicopters that kept circling overhead.

To cut a long story short, they caught the guy a few days later - we could finally sleep easy - and so we decided to show our appreciation to the cops/sheriff's office etc.

We got donuts from George's AM Donuts, and brought several dozen to the Abilene Police Dept and the Sheriff's Office, as well as to our county's deputy.

 photo P2217398_zpsd8283d1a.jpg

 photo P2217401_zps9831f82e.jpg

The little boy was very excited and intrigued to meet the officers/deputies and even came away with some keepsakes!

 photo P2217402_zps64530be6.jpg

 photo P2217406_zpsdc26a4d2.jpg

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