Sunday, April 06, 2014

The "Old People Trampoline" Park

So, while we were out with the little boy the other day, we stopped by a playground that we had never been to before,

 photo Blog1_zpsf8d680dd.jpg

It had some pretty cool stuff - like this teepee sweat lodge rock climbing thing...

  photo Blog2_zpsa3257f0a.jpg

  photo Blog6_zps5bb6ae56.jpg

"Look, mommy, it's like I'm in a giant washing machine. "

 photo Blog4_zps67301a04.jpg

and guess what? I think we had just as much fun as the little boy!

 photo Blog3_zps9276a825.jpg

  photo Blog5_zpsd0115fbd.jpg

Er, the aforementioned "Old People Trampoline", which was really a platform on a springy spring thing.  I know..what far-reaching vocabulary I possess. :P

 photo Blog7_zps11957e2e.jpg

And we were all pretty intrigued by the lumpity bumpity slide.