Monday, March 31, 2014

It has/had been an hectic yet awesome week & weekend.

SOMEONE turned a ripe old age of 5 over the weekend, and we had been celebrating just about all week.

Earlier in the week, I had to get my "baking legs" back, and experimented with tinting some icing and whatnot, and so I used half a cake mix and came up with an Om Nom cake :)

 photo Malaysia19_zps882ad840.jpg

 photo Malaysia18_zps3c900e0b.jpg

I have never used fondant and was not about to start anytime soon, and so I did the best I could with tub icing, food coloring and decorating icing.

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Like the years before, the ladies at Bible Class helped the little boy celebrate his birthday as well.

 photo Malaysia2_zpsed4da7d4.jpg

 photo Malaysia_zpsc6ea2477.jpg

He had decided a few weeks before, that he wanted a Mario Bros themed birthday cake, and so I started a Pinterest board to consolidate some ideas.  I knew I would have to come up with at least THREE cakes, because we were celebrating with different sets of people.

The first one was fairly easy - 2 round cakes and a few cupcakes - and a little bit of mediocre piping skills :).

 photo Malaysia1_zps91f53b2d.jpg

The little boy was quite thrilled :)

 photo Malaysia3_zps69671444.jpg

Birthday Celebration Part 2

The next day, we celebrated with the family and some friends at Mamo's house.  It was such a beautiful day and everyone had a great time in Mamo's back yard.

  photo Malaysia15_zps8db8dd37.jpg

  photo Malaysia4_zps3c4773d7.jpg

 photo Malaysia5_zps7b46f895.jpg

 photo Malaysia7_zps22b26fa0.jpg

  photo Malaysia6_zps81effd44.jpg

I just love seeing Jaxon and his cousin Max together.  They are just 6 months apart, and so Jaxon loves playing with him.

 photo Malaysia13_zps3467744e.jpg

As usual, we celebrated with delicious pizza from Sam's.  Mamo made some salad and Cindy brought fruit.

 photo Malaysia11_zps2aa01984.jpg

I told myself that I would make it a tradition to make number cakes every year as one of the birthday cakes, and so this time it was figuring out how to incorporate a Mario design into the number.

This is what I came up with.

  photo Malaysia8_zps326d1739.jpg

 photo Malaysia9_zpsd3a75aa1.jpg

 photo Malaysia10_zps16c762a4.jpg

I had ordered a set of little Mario figurines off of ebay, and thank goodness they got here on time.

 photo Malaysia12_zps686fa678.jpg

The young cousins were also Mario fans, and so it was definitely wonderful to see the boys excited over the cake....

which, by the way, had a surprise hidden in it.

It was RAINBOW/TIE DYE cake :)

 photo Malaysia14_zpsb0192394.jpg

Birthday Celebration Part 3

We celebrated this one at home, with just the little boy, Daddy and me :)

I had some leftover chocolate cake mix, which I used to make mini cupcakes, and just spread icing over the top to make Toad from the Mario games.

 photo Malaysia16_zpsc51ec07b.jpg

Yes, we are now officially 5 :)

 photo Malaysia17_zpsb9d3d55d.jpg

Where has the time gone?? :)


Anonymous said...

hi my name is craig dickey, and your grandfather mr. woods, was a great friend of my grandfather. just found out he has passed, and was just trying to get in touch with you. i'm new to this blog thing so i'll just give you my email address. hope this works,
thanks again,
craig dickey

Craig Dickey said...

One last time. My name is Craig Dickey, and your grandfather Walter was a great friend to my grandfather. I just learned that Walter has passed and I was wondering if you could email me and let me "catch up" a little? Anyway, here is my email address.
Thanks again, and I'm new to this blog thing so if this is another repeat I'm sorry once again.

Craig Dickey said...

Ok I promise this is the last time, but I think this one might actually get through. My name is Craig Dickey, and your grandfather, Walter was a great friend of my grandfather. I just learned today that Walter has passed, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing me so I might could "catch up" a little? My email address is,
Thanks again, and if you got those other three messages I tried to send I apologize, I have never blogged before. Lol

letti said...

Hi Craig! I wrote you over a week ago, but haven't heard from you. :)