Sunday, May 04, 2014

Easter 2014 Part 3

Lastly, we had a little time after attending Cindy's party ( a later post ) on Saturday, and thought we would drive by Southern Hills Church to see if there was still any of their Eggstravaganza left.

And woohoo, it was still in full swing!

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We got there just in time for one of the egg hunts ( yeah, people were coming and going, and they kept on getting out there in their little golf cart and scattering eggs over and over  after every "session" )

We didn't have an Easter basket with us in the car because we were not expecting to be able to even catch the tail end of the celebration, and so sadly, we had to send the little boy into the field with his cousins and *hangs head in shame* a W*lmart sack. *sigh*

Nevertheless, the little boy did not know the difference and was totally thrilled and enjoyed himself tremendously.

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After that, came time for the BOUNCY CASTLES! I mean, the glee on the little boy's face was just too precious.

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Anastasia and Allen were there with us, but somehow I managed to only get photos of Anastasia...

 photo Blog20_zps3f9eee3d.jpg

We even got to take a picture with a very tired Easter Bunny.  :)

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