Sunday, May 25, 2014

Revisiting April

Yes, folk.. APRIL!

Here's an Easter post that got lost in the system. I have recently started exploring the world of Twitter and Instagram, and sometimes stuff ends up on there and gets forgotten over here. Anyhow, I will try to be a little better at keeping up.

We had Easter lunch over at Cindy's with her family, and the little boy had fun times with his cousins and Aunt.

 photo April-07_zps2a241cd8.jpg

 photo April-06_zpsf5cef46b.jpg

 photo April-07a_zps01c0d235.jpg

We got to bring the cousins to Jaxon's favorite "Umbrella Park"

 photo April-16_zps004e9e75.jpg

The little boy dancing at the Well Child Clinic, free of apprehension because he knew that he would not get a shot this visit. *phew*

 photo April-13a_zps9cccc767.jpg

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