Saturday, August 02, 2014

Instagram killed the Bloggosphere Star

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Well, not exactly, but I have to admit that it has done some damage to my blogging  mojo.
Sometimes it is so much easier to just take a photo on the phone ( GASP! ) and just play around with it and hit GO on Instagram.

BUT I feel the need to do it more diligently, old school, blogger-style, and be more up to date on the current state of affairs as far as my life is concerned.

SOOOO, I suppose I will start by blogging about something that happened yesterday.
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For the first time ever, I led a group of ladies for bible study.  ME!I KNOW!

The ladies around the table were way more knowledgeable than I ever could be, and so, I was quite nervous.  At the end of the class, my stomach was hurting from nerves, but I think I did pretty well, thank God! :)

What did we study? Abigail.  I  mean, this woman was a complete package.  Made me feel like such a terrible wife, but I guess that's why we study these ladies.  So that we will strive to better ourselves and our relationships.  :)

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