Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Country Balloon Fest 2014

I haven't blogged what I wanted to, about the Fair, and here comes the Balloon Fest. Good grief.. let's do you first and get on with the rest later.

It is often amazing how fast things come around again.  I seriously would not have known that the Balloon Fest was in town if we hadn't been driving IN town, and I happened to see a sign somewhere.

I have GOT to keep up with my surroundings/the town I live in, better.

/start rant
SOOO, we had forgotten all about what happened last year, and didn't learn our lesson, apparently.  The flyer in the newspaper AND the newspaper itself said that the night balloon glow would start at 8:30 pm.   And wouldn't you know it, just like last year, we arrive minutes before 8:30, only to see the last couple of glows.

I mean, if you are going to start at SUNSET, just SAY SO, Good Grief!
/end rant

After that disappointing  bit of happenstance, we started walking around the Park to see what else was up, since we were already there.

We knew that there were going to be bouncy castles, and the little boy was drawn to them immediately.  Yes, yes.. you can't be a 5 year old surrounded by bouncy castles and NOT react.

There was one lonely game booth, sponsored by a local paediatric dentist, and the little boy was actually pretty good at tossing them bean bags.

We stopped by the little 4H-type petting zoo, and then were off to walk down the streets where different vendors and food vans were parked, and to listen to the live band for a few minutes.

Maybe we will remember next year and come EARLIER.

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