Saturday, November 29, 2014

Autumn is fickle

I will TAKE this weather any way I can get it.

Cold is Painful. Warmth is GOOD!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I can't believe I am "current" for this post.  We are still on the same day as the photos taken? Unbelievable. :)

We had lunch at Oldham Lane Church, with family and friends, and friends of family and friends.
 photo IMG_20141127_121611_651_zps054bdb6e.jpg
The meal was scrumptious, quality time was spent with kin, and we got to see some who we don't get to see very often.
 photo PB271719_zpsb1d5f1ce.jpg
I don't know what it was.. perhaps I was tired from many hours of cooking, starting from the night before.. or something, but I was not in the mood to take many photos, so I ended up with only what could be seen from where I sat.  I know, not too good.  BUT OH WELL!
 photo PB271721_zps9d6153a2.jpg
 photo PB271718_zps586c371c.jpg
 photo PB271717_zpsc8320206.jpg
Later that evening, we and Charles and Joy brought leftovers over to Walter's and had dinner together.  Jaxon had quite the time entertaining the babies and playing with them. :)

The Wiggins Boys and their Babies
 photo PB2717241_zps1b7541c5.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, I'm in charge of cooking 2 turkeys for about 40 people who will be at Oldham Lane Church for Thanksgiving. I am a little bit stressed, to tell the truth. It has always been Cindy who has roasted the turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year she is still in Africa, and won't be home till January, I believe.

Anyway, the little boy helped me prepare the cranberry relish yesterday, and so we have THAT out of the way :)
 photo DSC_0312_zps8510f68e.jpg
 photo DSC_0298_zps1dc4d357.jpg
 photo DSC_0318_zps420705c1.jpg
 photo CurrentFolder_zps7553682a.jpg
 photo DSC_0327_zpsf424f6a5.jpg

The little boy and I also made a lesson out of it, as part of our FIAR study :)

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is such a beautiful and special time, I am almost reluctant for winter to be here...
 photo Blog3_zpsaabf1d3e.jpg
A little over 3 weeks ago, we went by the Disability Resources Inc. for our annual "romp" in the Pumpkin Patch and photo op session.
 photo Blog1_zps1712ab07.jpg
The little boy is so much stronger this year, and was able to haul a couple of pumpkins a few steps!
 photo Blog5_zpsc2f927ef.jpg
 photo Blog4_zpsecb498a8.jpg
Of course, he had to see if he could make a bridge out of pumpkins..
 photo Blog2_zps4a231532.jpg
the whole time being besieged by the "Papa"razzi :)
 photo Blog_zps4d9444e7.jpg
We got ourselves a pumpkin and explored the back part of the grounds, where the lake is.
 photo Blog7_zps7641d1f5.jpg
Of course, there was no lack of hamming it up for the camera :)
 photo Blog8_zpsaa60eb04.jpg
 photo Blog9_zpsab80ff48.jpg
The little boy was NOT fooled for one moment when we came across the upside down legs in the lake trick :)
 photo Blog10_zps40481553.jpg
Till next year, Pumpkin Patch.
 photo Blog6_zps322a9c4e.jpg

Sunday, November 23, 2014

First Snow of The Season

Almost the whole country was affected by the Arctic Vortex, and we here in Texas, were not spared either.  Granted, we were extremely fortunate not to have been buried in snow like Buffalo, but we did get a bunch of sleet and some snow, which pretty much melted away by the next day.

 photo DSC_0282_zps79f002ee.jpg
 photo DSC_0283_zpsadc70e47.jpg
  photo DSC_0286_zpsbcf18bdb.jpg
  photo DSC_0289_zps59abcd77.jpg
  photo DSC_0285_zps7e2c5318.jpg

Halloween Part 5

Last but not least,

on Halloween Night, after dinner, the little boy got dressed up once again as Captain America and we went out with the rest of Abilene to go trick or treating in the neighborhoods.
 photo Blog11_zpsa7b9bb99.jpg
It turned out to be chillier than anticipated, so at some point, I let the little boy have my vest, and then we went to get his jacket from the car.
  photo Blog12_zpsd89c83a3.jpg
We held his hand when walking on the streets/sidewalks/lawns, but when it came to ringing the doorbell, we stood a little ways back.
 photo Blog14_zps4ec33516.jpg
 photo Blog13_zpse9780d1d.jpg
We rounded up the night by stopping by Mamo's house for a short visit to "show off" his Halloween costume. The little boy was sorry to see the Halloween/Fall festivities come to an end, but secretly, the hubs and I were ready for a breather!
  photo Blog15_zps0c7e62e1.jpg


Halloween Part 4

I promise, I am ALMOST done with the Halloween posts. This one would be the next to last. *sigh*

If reading all about it is making you tired, imagine LIVING it.

This would be the evening BEFORE Halloween, actually.  The main event, as it were, was Trunk or Treat at Hillcrest.  I remember the days when this was the ONLY event we went to.

Read HERE,and HERE

On this occasion, the little boy wanted to be a KNIGHT.  Oh yeah, back to the old trusty stash of dress-up odds and ends from Dollar Tree.

 photo 36_zpscb1041d4.jpg
 photo 284672f4-116d-4208-bd8f-407a9b2ea514_zps2d82bb5a.jpg
As usual, there were fun and games inside the Multi Purpose Room
  photo 38_zps5c433e3d.jpg
 photo 37_zpsee93571e.jpg
and we even won a couple of cupcakes from the Cake Walk event.
 photo 39_zps7d58ba49.jpg
I had never seen them pile the haystacks up so high for the photo op area before, but the little boy shimmied right up there while I had my heart in my throat.

Afterwards, we went back outside and got on a hayride around the church compound.

We then went on to Baker Heights Church for THEIR trunk or treat.

  photo 42_zpsa387440e.jpg

to be continued ....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween Part 3

This would be the day when it was finally cool enough for the little boy to get into his Captain America costume. Phew.
 photo 29_zps5eb2f5a2.jpg
We started off in full gear, and of course it wasn't long before the mask was off :)

The First Baptist Church downtown had a grand extravaganza in their parking lot, as with last year,
 photo 28a_zpsbbddd10c.jpg
and the little boy had lots of fun at the different stations,
 photo 30b_zps33346a6a.jpg
 photo 32_zps8cb0bc8d.jpg
and yes, bouncy castles.
 photo 33_zps229f2e0c.jpg
We caught sight of Xia Yu and stopped to talk to her for a few minutes, but she was busy volunteering, and so we didn't keep her for very long.

They even had a miniature pony on the grounds for petting. I can't look at miniature horses these days without thinking of L'il Seabastian :)
 photo 30a_zps958be0ec.jpg
We then stopped by Belmont Baptist
 photo 33a_zps3daaf588.jpg
and then on to Highland Church of Christ
There was a super long line there, but the little boy took the time to make some friends while waiting,
 photo 34_zps73463c16.jpg
and took a romp in their playground as well.
 photo 35_zpsda10f141.jpg
The last stop for that extremely long day was Trinity Baptist Church, where we managed to get on a "tractor-pulled train ride" and enjoy more bouncy castles!
 photo 35a_zpsbe49348c.jpg

To be continued.....