Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween Part 1

Like last year, instead of Halloween Day, it was like, Halloween fortnight. We went out on like, 4 different occasions, ( many of those were to more than 1 location ), and 4 different costumes.

So, here we have,

Halloween Part 1 Boo at the Zoo

We had bought a Captain America outfit for the little boy about a month before, and he had had some fun wearing it around the house several times.  However, on Boo at the Zoo day, the weather was quite warm, and NOT Captain-America-Suit type of temperatures.  So, we went with what we had on hand.
 photo 2_zps49af61b0.jpg
When Halloween costumes were first available for the season at Dollar Tree, we went and got a wide gamut of stuff for dress up fun at home.  So, we decided on Commando/Safari Explorer.
 photo 3_zps05e8ee37.jpg
As usual, the Zoo was packed.  We had gotten our tickets several days before, and didn't have to go through THAT line.  But once you entered the zoo, the line for candy/treats was crazy. We skipped a bunch, as you can tell.
 photo 4_zps326b3b08.jpg
For the kids, it may be candy, but for me, it is seeing all these little ones in their costumes and going, "AWWWWWWW".  The little boy went around complimenting other children on their costumes. :)
 photo 6_zps3129f4b4.jpg
We managed to stop by to see some of the animals, of course.
 photo 9_zps18ac9084.jpg
 photo 5_zpsd5518e3e.jpg
 photo 8_zps1bbddb25.jpg
 photo 7_zps1a84a534.jpg
We also stopped by one of the hub's favorite spots in the zoo, i.e the fake beach, and I was glad for the shade that they had put up.
 photo 10_zpsde3a2e8b.jpg
We didn't stop to join the costume contests,
 photo 11_zps74609280.jpg
but the little boy did get a chance to climb into a Fire Truck :) at the end.
 photo 12_zpsb6b985ae.jpg

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JamyTan said...

Letti, it is amazing that you still keep blogging.
The boy has grown !