Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween Part 3

This would be the day when it was finally cool enough for the little boy to get into his Captain America costume. Phew.
 photo 29_zps5eb2f5a2.jpg
We started off in full gear, and of course it wasn't long before the mask was off :)

The First Baptist Church downtown had a grand extravaganza in their parking lot, as with last year,
 photo 28a_zpsbbddd10c.jpg
and the little boy had lots of fun at the different stations,
 photo 30b_zps33346a6a.jpg
 photo 32_zps8cb0bc8d.jpg
and yes, bouncy castles.
 photo 33_zps229f2e0c.jpg
We caught sight of Xia Yu and stopped to talk to her for a few minutes, but she was busy volunteering, and so we didn't keep her for very long.

They even had a miniature pony on the grounds for petting. I can't look at miniature horses these days without thinking of L'il Seabastian :)
 photo 30a_zps958be0ec.jpg
We then stopped by Belmont Baptist
 photo 33a_zps3daaf588.jpg
and then on to Highland Church of Christ
There was a super long line there, but the little boy took the time to make some friends while waiting,
 photo 34_zps73463c16.jpg
and took a romp in their playground as well.
 photo 35_zpsda10f141.jpg
The last stop for that extremely long day was Trinity Baptist Church, where we managed to get on a "tractor-pulled train ride" and enjoy more bouncy castles!
 photo 35a_zpsbe49348c.jpg

To be continued.....

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