Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Fickle Weather

We've had several beautiful sunshiny days with the highs in the high 60s and low 70s ( why can't all days be like these all year round? ) where the little boy could go outside in his shorts and short sleeves to play soccer. In the WinterTime.

 photo PC292133_zps63a8e528.jpg

 photo PC292140_zps4f225a8a.jpg

That's all going away tomorrow, as the temperatures go back down to the 40s.  When almost the whole country was blanketed in snow earlier in the month, we got our fair share of freezing weather and snow as well - mostly FREEZING RAIN, but still, it felt wintery.

 photo PC312184_zpsa9a5282d.jpg

 photo P1012206_zps2b28bbfe.jpg

 photo P1012190_zpsa270647c.jpg

 photo P1012191_zps65923831.jpg

Everything was pretty much frozen stiff for a few days.

 photo P1012197_zps601e0603.jpg

 photo P1012208_zps7fbfda90.jpg

 photo CurrentFolder_zpsf90999be.jpg

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 photo P1012212_zps5451342b.jpg

 photo CurrentFolder3_zps8b3d0844.jpg

We had to go out to town for some stuff, and made sure we were extremely careful.

 photo CurrentFolder1_zps0dde84a1.jpg

Of course, it also meant that the little boy could go "sledding" a little bit on the frozen dirt road!

 photo P1012217_zps5acac4e0.jpg

 photo CurrentFolder4_zps82c2f2bd.jpg

When it all started to melt, freeze, melt and refreeze, we got some pretty amazing icicles, for sure.

 photo P1012226_zps7299832b.jpg

 photo CurrentFolder5_zps28e12437.jpg

Monday, January 19, 2015