Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Alternative Fuel

It has been several days of freezing rain and cold iciness, but more on that later..

More importantly, thank goodness we had gone by and filled up the propane tanks.
 photo PC302170_zpsa78342bb.jpg
 photo PC302156_zpscda6d3b0.jpg
I never thought about such things before I came to the States - like how they won't help you load/unload the propane tanks, and how like at Lowe's, they won't help you strap your stuff down - for legal and insurance reasons.
 photo PC302158_zpsbe2546b8.jpg
It was COLD that day :) The Propane Guys were all wrapped up.
 photo PC302161_zps1d4226d1.jpg
"Propane Guy" reminds me of Hank. heh heh
 photo PC302165_zps279a579c.jpg
Oh, and emergency shut off switches are extremely important. I needed to know where that was, for sure :)
 photo PC302171_zps8ccb5a94.jpg

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