Friday, January 02, 2015

Holiday Happenings V : Christmas Day 2014

We had hung up our stockings with care, along with some other "dummy" boots, the night before Christmas.  Naturally, the little boy's was so big, it had to be hung somewhere else, close by. :)
 photo P1050187_zps5c9f7469.jpg
We went straight for the stocking-loot first :) And we also noticed that Santa had finished up his cookies and milk and left a note wishing us Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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The hubs got some coffee in his!
 photo DSC_0507_zps7f5e0927.jpg
Then it was off into the house, where the little boy's eyes grew large as saucers at the presents under the tree :)
 photo P1050200_zps1e7c994f.jpg
 photo P1050198_zps0f6c7ce7.jpg
He had one question, though..."Mommy, all these presents have my name on them! What about you and daddy??" :)
I told him that HE had made a wish list, whereas Mommy and Daddy hadn't. :)
 photo CurrentFolder2-001_zpsc52540e5.jpg
And wouldn't you know it, he got most of the things on that wish list :)
 photo CurrentFolder3-002_zpseb82b38f.jpg
The few things he loved best were the "Don't let the Pigeon finish this Activity Book" book, his Angry Birds Transformers Sticker Book, and the Angry Birds Go Jenga Game.
 photo P1050211_zpsb9531a65.jpg
 photo P1050209_zpsdac3bdd0.jpg
And how could it be Christmas Morning without a Christmas themed breakfast? :)
  photo P1050218_zps3723ce03.jpg
 photo P1050220_zps60f27178.jpg
We did not have a gathering for Christmas lunch like in previous years, as most of the family was away, so we made a dessert and joined Judith and Jim for a cosy Christmas dinner that night. :)
 photo P1050222_zps239657f9.jpg

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