Sunday, March 01, 2015

What a difference just a few weeks makes.

I was actually going to have a whole rant about how..

Snow is fun; slush, not so much.
Snow is fun; icy paths, not so much.
Snow is fun; wet slick MUD when snow melts - not so much.
Snow is fun; freezing rain and fog, not so much.
Snow is fun; the piercing cold, not so  much.

And on and on and on and on, but that's just the grown ( groan?) up in me talking. :)

We'll have snow pictures up soon, but here's  from a few weeks back when it was actually spring weather in the winter time, and we got to have a picnic lunch at the playground. :)

 photo Blog3_zpsegcvx6zf.jpg
 photo Blog4_zps5jknwxma.jpg
 photo Blog2_zpsazbq1wyl.jpg
 photo Blog1_zpsjurypnk3.jpg
 photo Blog_zpssluxvt8s.jpg

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