Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Birthday Fair

Hendrick celebrated its 90th birthday and we were all invited!
 photo 2_zps4vkpdk5j.jpg
They threw a big bash, complete with a fair and food and entertainment.
 photo 1_zpswnddukne.jpg
 photo 4_zps6kck1ujz.jpg
The little boy dove headlong into all the different games and whatnot at the different booths.
 photo 3_zpsh9xdupn7.jpg
 photo 5_zpsnb8suzqb.jpg
 photo 7_zpsa6tg65uc.jpg
 photo 13_zpsksrov7je.jpg 
There were balloon animals,
 photo 2b75fa00-d0cb-47f1-85d5-7d8a68a2c856_zpsj4hgkcrz.jpg
steer roping,
 photo 9_zpst1h5agcq.jpg
snow cones,
 photo 8_zpsspq3ofef.jpg
hula hoops,
 photo 10_zpscfjy7o4w.jpg
a Teddy Clinic,
 photo 11_zpsksqmhxde.jpg
 photo 12_zps2tevhhtz.jpg
a paleontological expedition,
 photo 14_zpsyyk436ps.jpg
showing off feats of machismo,
 photo 15_zpsjcwdtufm.jpg
getting to hang out in ambulances, fire trucks and bomb squad vans,
 photo 16_zpsafg34lcd.jpg
and tucking in to some deeeeliciouso turkey legs and corn on the cob.
 photo 17_zpsqkhp1vwu.jpg

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