Sunday, May 03, 2015

Dyess Big Country AirFest 2015

The hubs loves aeronautics.

We were even at Kitty Hawk a few months after the 100th anniversary.

And so it was no surprise that the hubs brought us out to the Air Fest even though he hadn't been feeling too well for the past few days.
 photo 1_zpsxkkogmjy.jpg
We got there a little late, and so most of the acts had pretty much done their stuff.  
 photo 2_zpsa0vkenkv.jpg
We had also had the experience of getting caught in the massive traffic jam to and from the air show a few years back, and were perfectly happy parked with many others, along the perimeter/fence to watch the show from the back of our car.
 photo 3_zpsednac37f.jpg
 photo 4_zpsmno6q8xp.jpg
We saw a couple of acts, and then the grand finale, The Thunderbirds.  And yes, the little boy would certainly agree on that name, seeing how many times he held up his hands to his ears.
 photo 9_zpsjuomsnd0.jpg
They certainly did not disappoint.  I kept thinking about the wives and families of these men, and how they must have palpitations each time the men perform.
 photo 5_zpsfwis2lxu.jpg
I had forgotten that the Thunderbirds' segment went on for almost half an hour.
 photo 6_zpsvw7dweia.jpg
They did all sorts of amazing acrobatics in the air,
 photo 10_zpsixx05g13.jpg
and were zooming all around us.
 photo 8_zpszpihoi0m.jpg
 photo 7_zpsfudajpod.jpg
The last Air Fest in Abilene was in 2012, and the last time the Thunderbirds performed here was in 2010. This time it was extra special because the Commander and Lead Pilot is from Abilene.
Don't make us wait too long till your next appearance, Thunderbirds.

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