Friday, August 14, 2015

The Perseids

I set my alarm clock for 2 am last night.  When it rang, I woke the little boy up, got the hubs, and the 3 of us sat on lawn chairs watching the night sky.

It was very exciting for the little boy, who sat on my lap and used me as a lounge chair, and we saw quite a few shooting stars in the short while that we were out.

The little boy had said he might find it difficult to go back to sleep again after wards, but he fell asleep almost right away after being tucked in a 2nd time. :)

We'll see you  next year, Perseids.  It was a lovely show.

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Rob and Monica said...

That's great! I did that once many years ago, setting my alarm for the November Leonids meteor showers in November. It was a weekend night so it was easy and the show was spectacular! We did not set the alarm for the Perseids. We both get up early during the week and we knew we would just be too tired! Glad you enjoyed! (Rob)