Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I can't believe it has taken me over 4 decades

to come across a brown praying mantis.  I found this critter on our pumpkin plant.
 photo c48b9261-122e-43b8-b9d4-12e4ad610aee_zpsjmatpi6y.jpg
Or maybe it's because I've always been pretty oblivious :)
 photo e2e9df13-035f-4151-9bff-e5aa85fafa39_zpseouthosc.jpg
There WAS a site that I got to that said praying mantises could change color for camouflage.  I'm gonna have to find more sources for that...

THIS next critter though, we can do without. The $%$^&*@ squash bugs have been decimating our poor pumpkin plant and survived the Sevin Dust I sprinkled on there!
 photo a2315365-77cf-47e5-8ee3-65db6b606427_zps5aqclsff.jpg

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