Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Harvest Blood Moon

 photo 1-001_zpsqxdxh711.jpgWe stayed up with the little boy watching the SUPER.HARVEST.BLOOD.MOON.  Yes, it was quite epic and hence needed its own epic fontedness. :)

The hubs got out the chairs and binoculars, and we settled down to watch the eclipse, starting from when it was about halfway covered up.

I have to say, it got quite chilly outside, considering we are still having above normal temperatures, and apparently the little boy felt a little cool-ish too, so Daddy had to go in and get a jacket at some point.

We didn't have super equipment or anything, but it was still satisfying.

 photo 2-001_zpshpbokvpg.jpg

 photo 3-001_zpsg9l2galw.jpg

 photo 5-001_zpsnnv8njak.jpg

We waited the slightly-over-an-hour until the moon started lighting up on the other side again, coming out of the eclipse, before we brought the little boy in to go to bed.

 photo 4-001_zpsbklropfg.jpg

See you in 2033 !

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