Saturday, December 26, 2015

T'is the Season Part 4

Breakfast with Santa

 photo PC126488-001_zpsokocjspw.jpg

This year, we asked the little boy if he would like to go have breakfast with Santa in his Jammies, and his face lit up with enthusiasm. :)

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I mean, pancakes with syrup, sausage patties and milk..... that's a pretty excellent breakfast to me..

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Lots of kids came in their jammies too, tucking into their breakfasts having a good time.

 photo PC126461-001_zpsza5xfkph.jpg

Like, YUM.

 photo PC126464-001_zpsnrzsyvpw.jpg

We were joined by Cindy - which always makes things just that much better.

 photo PC126468-001_zpsekrztzee.jpg

Meanwhile, little kids were lining up to see Santa and have their picture made with him.

 photo PC126466-001_zpsjl8tgw4u.jpg

After lunch,  we hit the craft tables... I LOVE those black scratch-off thingies where there's rainbow colors underneath.

 photo PC126469-001_zpskbqykkkz.jpg

We also made pinecone Christmas Trees,

 photo PC126472-001_zpsci6utlwj.jpg

baby Jesus in a manger,

 photo PC126473-001_zpssxnsrrud.jpg

and decorated a gingerbread/cookie man.

 photo PC126477-001_zpsanrxn3hy.jpg

Plus, the sack that all the craftiness goes into..

 photo PC126484-001_zpsy5og07u4.jpg

This year, there was no hesitation or shyness when it came time for the little boy to meet Santa.

 photo PC126487-001_zpsa9edocqd.jpg

We walked around a bit and took photos with er, another Santa, a Snowman,

 photo PC126475-001_zpszazbzvig.jpg

and a non-Rudolph reindeer.

 photo PC126490-001_zpswcm2fs0r.jpg

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