Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Illuminating Downtown

 photo P3086973-001_zpsi54qzykw.jpg
 photo P3086969-001_zps4fkkzhru.jpg

We were downtown for the lighting of all the downtown storybook sculptures, what with Abilene being "The Storybook Capital of the World Texas" and all.

 photo P3086942-001_zps2prqkopb.jpg
There was an insane amount of people there that night, it made even me feel a little claustrophobic.
 photo P3086948-001_zps8e4lbo2l.jpg
 photo P3086946-001_zpso8uatqlu.jpg
We brought our own little glow thingies...
 photo P3086938-001_zpsawoybrcx.jpg
and those glow thingies were EVERYWHERE.
 photo P3086951-001_zps8kvxhmml.jpg
 photo P3086957-001_zpsskouwy57.jpg
 photo P3086964-001_zpsj6ivyjc8.jpg
There were plenty of photo ops as well.
 photo P3086956-001_zpsrz01kugs.jpg
 photo P3086961-001_zpstelbktkf.jpg
 photo P3086953-001_zpsyla5lcrk.jpg
Next time though, I would rather be there without the massive crowds. 

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