Sunday, March 06, 2016

Super Early Easter Egg Hunt

Last night we went for our first Easter Egg Hunt this year.  It was sponsored by the City of Abilene, and this was the second time we were attending it. ( I guess I always wasn't vigilant enough to catch it in other years past )
 photo P3056910-001_zps41keam7i.jpg
It was scheduled to start at 7 pm, the same time as last year, but we had a sneaky suspicion someone had forgotten to figure in the fact that we hadn't sprung forward as yet, because it was quite DARK by the time we got there.
 photo P3056912-001_zpspezlwvxz.jpg
Thank goodness part of the field was lit up with lights from the building, but part of it was definitely darker than I'm sure a lot of parents would have liked.
 photo P3056917-001_zps8rdkhfa0.jpg
The organizers, probably getting a little anxious that it was getting darker and darker by the second, decided to start the egg hunt a few minutes early, but it was all over in less than 5 minutes.

Even though there were supposedly more than 8000 eggs on the field, when you have hundreds of eager children all revved up for candy, they are like the most efficient vacuum cleaner ever envisioned.
 photo March 05 Easter Hunt at Action Zone-002_zpsabqm5brh.jpg
Seriously, no kidding - it seemed like every single egg had been sucked up after only 4 or 5 minutes.
 photo P3056928-001_zpsqmzzrpxp.jpg
 photo P3056924-001_zpscdxvlh2y.jpg
"Wait Mommy, I'm not ready!"
 photo P3056930-001_zps70khqzw2.jpg
The little boy was pretty excited, and I'm glad he had a good time, although he was a little disappointed there weren't any other hunts right away. Just wait another week or so, little man :)
 photo P3056934-001_zpszf4rsmfs.jpg

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