Friday, March 04, 2016

This is West Central Texas after all.

While I was over at the Round Building registering and putting away stuff in the right places for the Dittos for Kiddos sale, the boys headed a few buildings over in the Taylor County Expo Center, over to where they were having some horsie events.

I joined them when I was done, and marveled at the seasoned riders with their horses.  The Stock Horse of Texas Association were having their clinics and shows etc and it is times like these that I marvel at the richness of the heritage and culture of the area.

 photo P2266886-001_zpsikfyeqr6.jpg
 photo P2266882-001_zpsnclnojct.jpg
 photo P2266880-001_zpsv9gmpdxw.jpg

We also walked over to another arena where the livestock herding was going on, and watched several riders and their horses wrangle the cattle.

 photo P2266891-001_zpsa3k2g8zr.jpg
 photo P2266894-001_zpshay4h2tj.jpg
 photo Feb 26 Horsie Show Expo Center_zps12u1k7yo.jpg

Even though I've been here more than a dozen years, when we watch these events, I always still feel like a real tourist :)

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