Saturday, May 28, 2016

An Excursion?!

We go on too few excursions and it is often too far between them.

However, a couple of Saturdays ago, we had some things that needed to get done, and we ended up having somewhat of one.

It started off at Lake Fort Phantom, where the lake had overflowed across the road and over the spillway, something we have not encountered in YEARS.
 photo 20160514_163016-001_zpstse0rfvo.jpg
It was nice to be out of doors, but we had to make sure to be covered up & deeted what with the mosquitoes that come with such a lot of moisture.
 photo 20160514_162451-001_zpshzjxwbzo.jpg
We spied several people fishing by the spillway and the hubs and little boy went over for a closer look.
 photo 20160514_162300-001_zpshz5uducj.jpg
 photo 20160514_162807-001_zpsroyoqijt.jpg
While the men were talking, I spied a truck trying to cross the now flooded road.
 photo 20160514_162611-001_zpsnaqxd4bx.jpg
I'm sure all people in the truck on the other side of the flood were watching just as curiously as I was to see if he would actually attempt it.  We are often reminded when it floods, to "Turn Around, Don't Drown" and all.
 photo 20160514_162543-001_zpsteafd5wg.jpg
He finally did turn around tho, when the water started being above the level of his door :)
 photo 20160514_171543-001_zpsbitkjluw.jpg
Our next stop was Garden World for old time's sake. It had been so long since we were there the last time with Grandad, and the little boy couldn't remember any of that at all.
 photo 20160514_170207-001_zpsporzj2op.jpg
One of the things that always lifts one's spirits is greenery and beautiful, colorful flora, and there was plenty of that at Garden World. 
 photo 20160514_165528-001_zpsr4cyvx3q.jpg
It may not have been the little boy's cup of tea, but he still had fun running around and messing with stuff :)
 photo 20160514_165933-001_zpskdoqm0f9.jpg
We found a garden ornament that would sum up the little boy quite aptly - The Reading Boy statue.
 photo May 14 Garden World1-001_zpsfbk78ojr.jpg
 photo 20160514_170213-001_zpsooixk7ti.jpg
 photo May 14 Garden World-001_zpsfzjnaeic.jpg
There was even a photo op with the world's largest pot ( that WE have seen, anyway )
 photo 20160514_171255-001_zpslzp8c1r0.jpg
Then we were on our way out to Abilene State Park, partly to see the full lake when just not that long ago the lakes were so low it was just very discouraging.
 photo May 14 Abilene State Park-001_zpsgl1squbd.jpg
A new addition that we hadn't seen before was the humongous chess set at one of the camp areas.
 photo 20160514_180101-001_zpsfo3ly85w.jpg
We had a short rest room break, and saw a bridge we hadn't ever explored before across the way.
 photo 20160514_180810-001_zpsr02obshj.jpg
It reminded me on all the hikes and treks I had gone on when I was on Borneo during my medical school days.
 photo 20160514_180843-001_zpsyuugl5ge.jpg
It was so lush with all the precipitation that we have had ( and are still having ) that it was quite swampy, really.
 photo 20160514_180952_zpso4s6dzs8.jpg
 photo 20160514_180834_zps1pbokxcv.jpg
 photo 20160514_181021_zpsav1qw1bg.jpg
All in all it was a fun day :)

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