Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Canvas called The Sky

We went outside the other day for our evening walk, and came face to face with just the most amazing sunset.  There were thunderstorm clouds a little north of us, and they just gave the sky a most spectacular appearance..
 photo 20160703_204443-001_zpsparkuj99.jpg
It almost seemed like the sky was on fire.
 photo 20160703_204635-001_zpsmv031rmz.jpg
 photo 20160703_204924-001_zpsp0qlfxyk.jpg
As we walked a little further, we saw a perfect line in the sky, as if God had used a ruler with that one shadow up there :)
 photo 20160703_205445-001_zpsdmgrc55o.jpg
 photo 20160703_205448-001_zpsv1vns8yk.jpg

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