Friday, September 30, 2016

West Texas Fair and Rodeo Part 1

It's been a few weeks, and I've only had time to post this now.

We went to the Fair a couple of times.. once to see Judith's winning entries to various categories there, and the second time to do everything else.

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo_zpsvkrtfmbz.jpg

It was a pretty day, and still quite warm when we got there.

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo1_zpsxg94nrt8.jpg

We went right for the building where Judith's entries were, and we were glad for the air conditioning.

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo7_zpsrwjncsmd.jpg

Judith had won something like 20 first place blue ribbons plus best in show and whatnot; it was super impressive.

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo2_zpso7gackeq.jpg

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo3_zpsbqtsc1wn.jpg

I was glad for the person who had come up with the idea several years ago, to put a "coloring table" where kids who weren't quite into the exhibits could spend their time and be creative.   We were there so early this year that the pictures had not been colored in at all yet!

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo4_zpsb6rqh9va.jpg

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo5_zpsfmrobdcw.jpg

That would soon change :)

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo6_zpshlbp4yts.jpg

The antiques section is always interesting,

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo8_zpsu8un3hoc.jpg

as are the "everything Texas" ones.

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo9_zpsftwcdzqb.jpg

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo12_zpsrxvzbb78.jpg

I was a little disappointed that the petting zoo area wasn't open yet, but we still tried to make the best of it.

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo10_zpsa4pgtu4f.jpg

 photo Sept 09 West Texas Fair and Rodeo11_zpshkg1uwqs.jpg

*to be continued*

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happiness Is...

A much loved camera...

 photo Sept 17 School14_zpsqiz3vhii.jpg

and a cute pencil box for school..

 photo Sept 17 School15_zps4jlqklbs.jpg

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In Your Face.

I didn't even get close to getting any of the good hair genes in my family.  I once went to a hairdresser as a grown woman, and the lady giving me a haircut told me it was like my hair never went through puberty.  I personally, think it never came out of INFANTHOOD.

So when I have a child with a hair like THIS, it leaves me extremely proud and in awe, and THANKFUL he got his dad's hair genes.

 photo 20160808_103324-001_zpsl03iulkw.jpg

The things that you can stick a ™ on.....

I wouldn't have known that you can trademark the words "Church Chair" had the little boy not been messing around with the chairs at church after Bible Class, and I happened to catch what was on the bottom of those chairs...

Like, woah.

 photo 20160722_105007-001_zps31xugtpr.jpg

I don't think I remember asking the boy to make that face, tho...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Power of Flora

Happiness is this week's gladiolus,

 photo 20160907_121807-001_zpsgq79py97.jpg

and hanging dangly potted plants at my kitchen window. ( yes, I need new blinds... )

 photo 20160907_121817-001_zpsc0xjau6r.jpg

Thursday, September 08, 2016

An outing with the Woods Boys

We went out to the Mile-Long Bridge with Uncle Lin a while back, just to see how much the water level had gone up after all the rain we got in early summer.

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin_zpslyrgglmt.jpg

Being a little boy who likes to read while we go on drives, you were happily preoccupied with one of the huge Peanut volumes.

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin1_zpsn9ip9n2p.jpg

It was a pretty drive, especially when we were approaching the bridge.  We hadn't seen the water this high in a loooooong time.

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin2_zps8yvfezqu.jpg

 I think the boys had fun. :)

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin5_zpsk9f5slen.jpg

Coz it sure looked like they did :)

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin3_zps4zehislq.jpg

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin4_zps34zicmi8.jpg

Jaxon got some bonding time in with Uncle Lin.

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin6_zpsk6y8swpn.jpg

 photo output_Oa1i7d_zpsambpejiv.gif

It also reminded me of the time when we still had Grandad with us and we brought HIM along...

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin7_zpsifmeve50.jpg

The little boy has grown quite a bit since then. :) 

 photo July 24 Mile Long Bridge with Uncle Lin8_zpseth7bqq5.jpg


Wednesday, September 07, 2016

There may be an amphibian loose in the house...

I caught a little frog the other day, with my trusty butterfly net from Dollar Tree.

I don't know what it is, but I can get quite fascinated by frogs.

 photo 20160817_145356-001_zps7eea596b.jpg

And, when the opportunity presents itself, I can't help but try to catch and observe them.

 photo 20160817_124728-001_zpsg5t8jbqe.jpg

It wasn't very big,but I found out that even frogs that size were quite strong and had pretty powerful hind legs,

 photo 20160817_125256-001_zpsil05xb7a.jpg

as evidenced by this rip in the plastic wrap ( with holes poked in it, of course. Doh ).

 photo 20160818_085813-001_zpsfhnd3wm5.jpg

So now it is either stealthily living in the house somewhere, feeding on various and sundry insects, or it's ended up in one of the dogs' or cats' gullet.

I was quite sad to see it go as I hadn't "observed" it as much as I would have liked to, but a few weeks later, I caught another frog!

 photo 20160901_193211-001_zpsrwwwo76v.jpg

This one was much bigger - adult sized, but after a couple of days, I let it go.  I wouldn't want to be trapped like that, and it'd have a longer life being free. MAYBE.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

So I made some cream cheese & fruit crescent roll thingies...

I've had this in the family photo archives for a while, and thought I'd post these pretty pictures..

 photo 306_zpsder5e8ha.jpg

 photo 303_zps63gle8hm.jpg

 photo 309-001_zpsmcrpyhmz.jpg

 photo 309_zpsmdepekrp.jpg

Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Gladiolus Series.

I don't normally get cut flowers for inside the house, but HEB had been having a sale on Gladioli, and so we had been getting them for $3.99 a bunch for the last few weeks now, and this past week, for $2.99 a bunch!

 photo Aug 31 This Weeks Gladiolus_zpsaznkqkbv.jpg

 photo Aug 17 Gladiolus_zpsmrf03aax.jpg

 photo Aug 15 Gladiolus_zpsu76uqoff.jpg

 photo Aug 08 Gladiolus_zpsbbwp9ja7.jpg

 photo Aug 01 Gladiolus_zpsnlo3luoo.jpg

They certainly do add a lovely splash of color in the kitchen and can be quite magnificent looking.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Mother Nature unleashed

One thing about living out here in this part of Texas, the geography is pretty monotonous - i.e. FLAT.   You literally can see for miles in some places.

 photo 20160827_155058-001_zpsmgemervl.jpg

This also makes for the most incredible views... and one of them is watching rain fall in some other part of town while you remain dry..

 photo 20160827_155055-001_zpsffgfavsq.jpg

Friday, September 02, 2016

Chinese Food

A couple of weeks ago, we helped out the folks over at Sunrise with something, and the boss showed his appreciation by giving us a special dumpling treat and picking up our tab.

 photo 20160819_121208-001_zpskbvoknye.jpg

The dumplings were KHAMAZING! They had shrimp inside, with some sort of paste, and were so soft and juicy and just utterly delicious. Mmm Mmm good.

 photo 20160819_121136-001_zps7iuarzqa.jpg

Another thing that is Mmm Mmm good there? The Singapore Mai Fun. *yum*

 photo 20160819_121202-001_zpswmmjbf0g.jpg

I wish I was a good cook so that I could make these at home.. now I gotta go search for the recipe and the right dumpling skin - but I have a feeling I would have to MAKE the dumpling skin.   BLEH.

So this is a thing now?

I am not a big donut fan, but this caught my eye at HEB the other day....

 photo 20160819_130501-001_zpsshvb1qs2.jpg

 photo 20160819_130456-001_zpsggfamdxi.jpg

and no, I did not venture to get one.....