Friday, September 02, 2016

Chinese Food

A couple of weeks ago, we helped out the folks over at Sunrise with something, and the boss showed his appreciation by giving us a special dumpling treat and picking up our tab.

 photo 20160819_121208-001_zpskbvoknye.jpg

The dumplings were KHAMAZING! They had shrimp inside, with some sort of paste, and were so soft and juicy and just utterly delicious. Mmm Mmm good.

 photo 20160819_121136-001_zps7iuarzqa.jpg

Another thing that is Mmm Mmm good there? The Singapore Mai Fun. *yum*

 photo 20160819_121202-001_zpswmmjbf0g.jpg

I wish I was a good cook so that I could make these at home.. now I gotta go search for the recipe and the right dumpling skin - but I have a feeling I would have to MAKE the dumpling skin.   BLEH.

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