Wednesday, September 07, 2016

There may be an amphibian loose in the house...

I caught a little frog the other day, with my trusty butterfly net from Dollar Tree.

I don't know what it is, but I can get quite fascinated by frogs.

 photo 20160817_145356-001_zps7eea596b.jpg

And, when the opportunity presents itself, I can't help but try to catch and observe them.

 photo 20160817_124728-001_zpsg5t8jbqe.jpg

It wasn't very big,but I found out that even frogs that size were quite strong and had pretty powerful hind legs,

 photo 20160817_125256-001_zpsil05xb7a.jpg

as evidenced by this rip in the plastic wrap ( with holes poked in it, of course. Doh ).

 photo 20160818_085813-001_zpsfhnd3wm5.jpg

So now it is either stealthily living in the house somewhere, feeding on various and sundry insects, or it's ended up in one of the dogs' or cats' gullet.

I was quite sad to see it go as I hadn't "observed" it as much as I would have liked to, but a few weeks later, I caught another frog!

 photo 20160901_193211-001_zpsrwwwo76v.jpg

This one was much bigger - adult sized, but after a couple of days, I let it go.  I wouldn't want to be trapped like that, and it'd have a longer life being free. MAYBE.


Rob and Monica said...

Hopefully, the escaped convict made it into the wild instead of inside the cat or dog! I used to "collect" them when I was a kid, often asking the neighbors if I could search their window well. I'm bring any ones I found back home to live in our window wells...until that fateful day when I heard my mom scream my name from the basement. Some of the frog had squeezed inside of an opening in the window. I spent the next hour tracking them down. It was the last time my mom allowed me to gather them from the neighbors! (Rob)

letti said...

Hey Rob, thanks for dropping by... Maybe it's the tomboy in me? Maybe it's the homeschool teacher in me? Whatever it is, critters can be fascinating! Have a great weekend ahead!