Monday, November 28, 2016

First Frost

It has been so warm, our first frost was (probably) about 10 days ago. and we may not have had a second one.
 photo DSC_0165-001_zpstqldts9l.jpg
 photo DSC_0167-001_zpsxenan3hx.jpg
 photo DSC_0170-001_zpsmtr15xdn.jpg
 photo DSC_0171-001_zpsjb32zbei.jpg

Sunday, November 27, 2016


They don't have any more gladioli at HEB where we would get our flowers every week. :(

However, while we were at Sam's a couple of weeks ago, we got some Carnations, and they still look very lovely.
 photo 20161112_074830-001_zpsmesu4wgg.jpg
I also got a replacement Cardinal for my little hanging basket.  The last one I had, had disintegrated, believe it or not.
 photo 20161112_074924-001_zpsamn63tjo.jpg

Saturday, November 26, 2016


A few weeks ago, we heard our new preacher give his first sermon. We had been waiting many many months with the search committee working so very hard.  So, welcome, Burrow Family!
 photo Nov 13 Church amp Nathan Burrow3-001_zpsy19pp1t8.jpg
It was also "Light on the Hill"/"Food Drive" week, and so we sent the little boy up with our contribution.
 photo Nov 13 Church amp Nathan Burrow-001_zpsamwxmgcf.jpg
Also, Cindy was back at church with us, and the little boy was totally psyched.
 photo Nov 13 Church amp Nathan Burrow2-001_zpsrpqq8g0e.jpg
 photo Nov 13 Church amp Nathan Burrow1-001_zpsycmf2bzc.jpg

Thanksgiving 2016

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Oldham Lane again this year.  Judith had posted a sign- up sheet at church as an open invitation to join us, anyone who might otherwise be spending Thanksgiving by themselves.

We ended up with close to 40 people there.  I had prepared 2 turkeys, along with a ton of gravy, but the second turkey remained untouched.  The first one was pretty much decimated by the end of lunch.

 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch-001_zpsukc1x9gz.jpg
A lot of ladies ( and gents, I suppose ) worked hard to make this meal happen. Hurray for them!
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch1-001_zpsrj4nqwn3.jpg
The little boy helped me prepare the cranberry relish, just like the way Granny Franny used to do it.  I tried to make the turkey gravy the old fashioned way, with chopped up boiled eggs.  Also, a mincemeat pie was a must-have for the hubs. :)
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch2-001_zpso0gtbmkf.jpg
Like, drool.
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch3-001_zpsru4fs2og.jpg
And don't you just love goofy cousins at Thanksgiving, all decked in various shades of ORANGE?
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch4-001_zpszcx9brox.jpg
And the older ones keeping an eye on the younger ones..?
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch5-001_zpsfwzwp4b9.jpg
Meanwhile, the grown-ups dug in to the grub.
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch6-001_zpsxjpkkgsq.jpg
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch7-001_zpsh9aphtvv.jpg
I thought that it was very sweet of Jet to want the little boy to sit next to him, even though in the last picture, the little boy looks a little bewildered. LOL
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch8-001_zpsqfdvodgp.jpg
And babies....
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch9-001_zpsuo0lyz9r.jpg
The little boy very much needed to stop by the Oldham Lane playground for a few minutes before leaving...
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch10-001_zpsjpxvnpn8.jpg
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Lunch11-001_zps99lnh0vj.jpg
After a short nap at home, it was time to reconvene at Stephanie's house for dinner.
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Dinner-001_zpsld97sqnr.jpg
The sunset on the way there was spectacular.
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Dinner1-001_zpsuhgaacae.jpg
The guys were all caught up in the Cowboys' game,
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Dinner2-001_zpsnj7j3rmr.jpg
while the rest of us tucked in to MORE GRAVY.
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Dinner3-001_zpsgbd9pnvf.jpg
Once the game was over ( Woot, Cowboys won! ), the little kids took over the living room AND the TV. LOL.
*love love love love love*
 photo Nov 24 Thanksgiving Dinner4-001_zpsxjcy1rcb.jpg

Monday, November 21, 2016

Grandad's Playground Revisited

We used to go by this playground a lot when the little boy was younger, but not so much recently.
 photo Nov 19 Playground near Grandads House-001_zpsjk7iuefl.jpg
The little boy went around "remembering" all the different places at the playground, especially the sand pit.
 photo Nov 19 Playground near Grandads House1-001_zpsoyoql4kd.jpg
The little boy and daddy had a fun time playing basketball with some balls they found on the grounds.
 photo Nov 19 Playground near Grandads House2-001_zpsuosot147.jpg
Then we walked throught the "ditch alley" to the street where Grandad used to live..
 photo Nov 19 Playground near Grandads House3-001_zpsjkqsqsfw.jpg
the feels, y'all.
 photo Nov 19 Playground near Grandads House4-001_zps4bml54a5.jpg
 photo Nov 19 Playground near Grandads House5-001_zpsbfxyl1iy.jpg

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Hannah!

I love it when family gets together and the young ones run, play, laugh and even cry with abandonment :)

So, it was such a blessing to be able to celebrate Hannah's 1st birthday with the family & kids yesterday.

The little boy was very eager to make her a personal Birthday Card in her birthday theme, and made sure I reminded him to bring it along.

 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party-001_zpsz3oy9hsk.jpg
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party1-001_zpswapzioyq.jpg
The party was at Hannah's grandparents' home out near View, and it is also where Charles and Joy are building their new home.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party3-001_zpshtubmihf.jpg
I was glad to see that Max and the gang were already there out in the backyard, and the little boy wasted no time in joining them for fun and games.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party2-001_zpsn7psncfl.jpg
I am always so thankful that he has cousins around his age to play with whenever the family gets together.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party4-001_zpsaxg9qemd.jpg
The little boy later told me they were playing "The Fox and the Rabbits", and even tho little Jaidon was a little bit too little to follow the rules, the older boys graciously played with him as well.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party5-001_zpsb0y257aa.jpg
It was so sweet that the little boy would try to look out for his cousin.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party6-001_zpsxl29w7gr.jpg
At some point, they probably tired of the game and came in for some hide and seek.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party7-001_zpszh4vscfe.jpg
Finally it was time to sing Happy Birthday and dig in to lunch!
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party8-001_zpsg1hquknt.jpg
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party9-001_zpsfdsmr4mp.jpg
Argh, I just love it when these two get together. Such sweet boys.
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party10-001_zpsi76ecfvs.jpg
And of course, the Lady of the Hour.  She wasn't really feeling the bow headband she had on, or her pink tutu, though :) But that didn't stop her from being just the most precious little thing :)
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party11-001_zpswrxe3w7n.jpg
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party12-001_zpsuweewbaj.jpg
I mean, just look at all those precious ones... 
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party13-001_zpsuexai6xu.jpg
*my heart is sooo melting, I just can't...*
 photo Nov 19 Hannahs Birthday Party14-001_zpsgccnrfr9.jpg

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Halloween Part 7


@the neighborhoods

After we left Hillcrest, we drove to some of the neighborhoods that participated in Trick or Treat.
 photo Oct 31 Halloween in the neighborhood2-001_zps58eo94du.jpg
We are still helicoptery parents and kept the little boy close to us all night. 
You never can be too careful.
 photo Oct 31 Halloween in the neighborhood-001_zpsoc5jrshb.jpg
 photo Oct 31 Halloween in the neighborhood1-001_zps6frsgqn5.jpg
 photo Oct 31 Halloween in the neighborhood3-001_zpst46em8ln.jpg

The little boy had a great time, a great Halloween season and loved his costume.
What else can one ask for?