Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Halloween Part 2

@ Southern Hills Church of Christ

After having a grand time at First Baptist, we went on over to Southern Hills for their Trunk or Treat "do".

 photo 20161026_193733-001_zps75cit6jk.jpg

 photo 20161026_192347-001_zpsu4mhvo44.jpg

When we got there, we discovered this HUMONGOLOID line, which snaked around the building.

 photo 20161026_190738-001_zpsg7twbxio.jpg

It took us about 20 or more minutes to get to the first trunk, I'm pretty sure.

 photo 20161026_191334-001_zpsmcg585ez.jpg

The little boy was starting to get a little antsy, but patiently waited it out.

 photo 20161026_190916-001_zps0yyltoci.jpg

He was thrilled to come across a Star Wars themed trunk, and "Rey" gave him extra candy, seeing how they were both strong with the Force...

 photo 20161026_192654-001_zpsrclnzeox.jpg

I am always amused/amazed/tickled by the themes that some of the people who participate with the "trunking" come up with...

 photo 20161026_192833-001_zpsaz2k6jch.jpg

This family had a "camping" theme going on.. I somehow didn't get the "campfire" in the foreground into the picture.

 photo 20161026_193007-001_zpspkfd5diw.jpg

All in all, after the initial long queue, the trunk or treating went fairly smoothly.

 photo 20161026_192801-001_zpsgovk0byg.jpg

We couldn't possibly go home without stopping by the playground! We didn't spend too much time there as it was getting really dark, and there were a few "more boisterous than I would care for" kids there.  All in all, it was a good outing.

 photo 20161026_194114-001_zpsrstpoeiu.jpg

 photo 20161026_194222-001_zpsyxihfzgc.jpg

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