Sunday, November 06, 2016

Halloween Part 3

@ The Abilene Zoo

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Okay, long post ahead - mainly because of the photos, but we really enjoyed ourselves a lot more this time 'round.

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For one thing, we didn't have to wait in line to get tickets because we had ours the day before..

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and doesn't the little boy just look precious in his Luke Skywalker get-up?

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This year, to avoid all the crazy congestion ( I'm guessing ),  they had the trick or treat booths in a whole other separate area of the Zoo. Hurray for whoever came up with THAT idea. I mean, we love doing Boo at the Zoo, but we hated all the congestion and lines.

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Plus, this year they had extended hours and started several hours earlier than previous years, so the crowds were much thinner when we were there.

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Of course, as we all know by now how much the little boy loves bouncy castles..and so we know where he headed first...

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So it was great that they had several, then, huh?

 photo PA290013-001_zpsvjeaqwp6.jpg

 photo PA290020-001_zpszwhbdj76.jpg

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We even got to see several Nick Jr. personalities! Not that we watch Nick Jr. very much any more these days..

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I liked the Arts and Crafts booth they set up this year.  We sat down for a few minutes to decorate some wooden door tags.

 photo PA290043-001_zps8btnu4cm.jpg

 photo PA290040-001_zps8jtrdnao.jpg

THEN, we got to the trick or treating bit.  

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We did the booths that weren't swamped, and went on to the Zoo proper.

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It was refreshing to just walk around leisurely and the little boy seemed genuinely interested in the animals,

 photo PA290048-001_zpsjjxsrcwu.jpg

 photo PA290049-001_zpspofzyz97.jpg

even though he started complaining of it being a bit too hot in his costume. It has never been this hot during Halloween before. *sigh*

 photo PA290050-001_zpsz78x6xgc.jpg

It was a good thing there was shade to be found.

 photo PA290100-001_zpsxwf3cjty.jpg

Rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate...

 photo PA290077-001_zpswamcihjo.jpg

I think the homeschooling mom in me was thrilled that he was soaking all this in.

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We were walking around outside and saw Charlotte and Wilbur from Charlotte's web!

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 photo PA290086-001_zpsdaxvglpc.jpg

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One of the highlights was the new Giraffe enclosure.  I was disappointed that the feeding terrace was closed because of the crowds so we couldn't see the giraffes super ultra up close.

 photo PA290102-001_zpsbmeltdn0.jpg

There WERE benches right outside the enclosure, though, where we could rest AND have a grand view of the giraffes.

 photo PA290112-001_zpslucvrp9g.jpg

 photo PA290117-001_zpsvebhbxwk.jpg

We HAD to stop by the lake and watch all those greedy fish gobbling up the food thrown at them.

 photo PA290105-001_zpsevvr22c6.jpg

They did NOT disappoint.

 photo PA290109-001_zps5ryveqef.jpg

The little boy was so excited to stop by the sand pit, which usually is our last stop when we do the rounds..

 photo PA290128-001_zpsefawyafw.jpg

He had gotten a pair of sunglasses from one of the trick or treat booths, and was looking very cool in the shades. :)

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We had a grand time and perhaps we'll see you again next year, Boo at the Zoo.

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