Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

The family gathered over at Stephanie's house after church, for Christmas Lunch. We were really glad to have Frances with us, even though she had had a really unfortunate incident happen with her car.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies2_zpsxacerche.jpg
The kids ( read: Twins ) were running around playing with their Christmas gifts.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies1_zpseb4yke5a.jpg
We were in charge of dessert, and so we brought the Christmas cookies we made, some Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies, a Cheesecake Pumpkin pie and the Eggnog cake we received from my aunt in Arizona.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies_zpstovbwwhr.jpg
While the adults were getting stuff ready, some of the little ones played Minecraft.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies3_zpsu3qp5pv6.jpg
and then had an outdoor swimming party AFTERwards. 
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies4_zpsmso5x79b.jpg
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies5_zpswtj97kos.jpg

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