Sunday, September 03, 2017

Texas Sunset

August 15 Sunset

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

We are far enough inland that we will not be caught in the path of Harvey's wrath, even though we will be getting some rain in the next few days.
Fullscreen capture 8252017 75011 PM-001
Here's keeping all those affected in our thoughts and prayers.
Fullscreen capture 8252017 75747 PM-001

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Great American Eclipse 2017

We were not in the path of totality, but were close enough to get about a 72% eclipse.

Being a homeschool mom also automatically put me into some sort of "what can we learn from this" mode when I first found out about the eclipse.

Honestly though, I hadn't realised the gravity of the event until I had gone online to do research so that I could share what I had learned with the little boy.

Thankfully, there was an abundance of information and educational videos out there.

A couple of days before the eclipse, the little boy and I did some activities and watched some of the videos I had previewed.

The night before the eclipse, I tried to make sure we got all our stuff together and that we would be as ready as we could be.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 2017-001
We had purchased our booklet and solar eclipse viewing glasses from Walmart well over a month ago,
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20171-001
and made sure to check they were actually legit before we used them.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20172-001
I wasn't too concerned about getting any passable photographs of the eclipse, leaving that to the experts.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20173-001
I was more interested in making it a fun and educational experience for the little boy.

We tried various ways of viewing the eclipse.

First, there was the look-straight-into-the-sun-CAREFULLY-with-your-ISO-CERTIFIED-eclipse-glasses method. :P
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20175-001
Then, we tried a very rough pinhole eclipse viewer using a cardboard box like the ones kids used to use way back when.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20174-001
Next, we experimented with our metal steamer/colander.  It produced pretty magnificent images.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20176-001
Here's the image that we got at the beginning of the eclipse,
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20177-001
and here's the image we got at the peak.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20178-001
Next, we tried some other methods of creating pinholes, like using a piece of cardstock paper,
August 21 Solar Eclipse 20179-001
and through interlaced fingers.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 201710-001
We also discovered that our hands made cool shadows that looked like we had webs between our fingers or at least, some lumpity bumps.
August 21 Solar Eclipse 201711-001
Last but not least, we checked out the crescent shaped shadows the leaves were casting :)
August 21 Solar Eclipse 201712-001

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

How Eggstraordinary ;D

I could include quite a few more puns, but my Dad the punster just about had me ( in my brain, at least ), rolling my eyeballs every time he made one, so I think I'll leave well enough alone.

I was making dinner when one of the eggs I cracked open was a double yolker!
Maybe I'll be in for some Eggscellent luck? :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017


I haven't really taken the time that I should to take some nice photos with my lovely camera.  Most of the photos I take are with my cell phone, of the little boy, and most of the blog posts are over at HIS blog.

However, I HAVE taken it out, dusted it off, and started using it more, though. :)
A Self Portrait
Cats on a Hot Tin Roof
A Bouquet in Pastels

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Of Flora and Fauna

One of our potted plants was getting a little wonky and not in a position to get enough sun throughout the day, so I decided to shift it a little.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers-001
Lo and behold, a pretty dry looking frog/toad that had been keeping damp under the flower pot.
He didn't move a muscle the whole time I was messing with the pot, and I didn't disturb him either.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers1-001
I did, however, flick this critter below off our bougainvilla plant with my fingers, dang grasshopper.
Praise the Lord we haven't seen quite the numbers from the Great Plague of a few years ago, which actually lasted a few MORE years! Ugh
July 28 Outdoor Flowers2-001
We haven't had many wild sunflowers this year.  Maybe it's because all the seeds got eaten by the birds, and whatever seeds that fell on the ground got carried away by the dang rats.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers3-001
I AM thankful though, that the RAT SCOURGE seems to be over, and we have had several families of stray cats hanging around this year to see to that.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers4-001

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Friendship Goals

I received a care package in the mail the other day from an old Primary and Secondary schoolmate of mine back in my little hometown in Malaysia.  We lost contact for a bunch of the "Uni years", but reconnected with the powers of Facebook.

She lives in Oklahoma now, but goes home to Malaysia periodically. She somehow knows how much I miss stuff from home and finds time to get some things together to send to me when she gets back.
And the thing is, I don't ever mention needing anything, or ask her when she is going home or anything like that. She just thinks of me and messages me when she has made plans to do so and asks if I need anything.

That really moves me each time, and I always thank her and tell her how much I appreciate the effort, and kindness, and just for thinking of me. I wish she really understood how much I am moved by her gesture.

Also, when my Dad died a few years ago, a florist suddenly appeared on our doorstep with a huge leafy potted plant from her, extending her condolences and sympathy.

Thank you for being so sweet and kind to me, Chee Wei!  You are truly what it means when we speak of "living out your beliefs", or "showing others the love of Christ through your life and actions".

I am very blessed to have you as a friend.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Skylar!

We were over at Stephanie's the other day for Skylar's ( Ira's fiance's oldest son ) 10th birthday.  It was also an opportunity to get to spend some time with Shana, Tony, and Elizabeth, who were home from Ukraine for a bit.
I had the little boy go in his swimming clothes for pool time after cake and whatnot.
Skylar's dad, Joseph, creates the most amazing cakes, and did Skylar's Pokemon cake for the party.
The hubs looks like he's the head of the Little Boys' Table in this pic below, while little Queen Sky reigns over them :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Conjoined Mushrooms!

Such excitement while cooking :) They might even have been triplets, seeing how there looked like there were 3 "caps".

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Happiness is..

Discounts and Coupons at the Grocery Store, on things you actually need and buy all the time!
The little boy spotted this on my phone and added a few embellishments to the photo :)

Friday, July 14, 2017

4th of July Celebrations 2017

The powers that be somehow could not garner enough support this year for the city to sponsor a fireworks display, so we thought we would go to one of the nearby towns to watch theirs instead. 
July 04 Hillcrest Parade1-001
So we got into the car and drove toward Clyde Lake, where the festivities were being held.  With the city not having a show this year, we figured a huge part of the 117,000 people living in the city would try to go watch this.  We opted not to drive all the way to the lake, but to park by the side of the road on the way there, as we had done once before. 
July 04 Hillcrest Parade-001
Little did we know that the place where we were parked only allowed us to see the tippity tops of some of the fireworks.  We decided that we would drive towards the lake and hopefully get to see SOME of the display before it was over.  Long story short, we drove the rest of the way there, made a U Turn and then started the way back, hopefully before the throngs got into their cars and started leaving as well.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade2-001
The little boy got to see the most, what with Daddy trying to maneuver in the traffic and me trying to help watch for people coming off of the curb.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade3-001
The next celebration we went to was at Hillcrest, for its Annual Neighborhood Parade.  We didn't manage to get the boy a patriotic t shirt this year, so he wore his Captain America t-shirt instead. I  mean, who could be more patriotic than Captain America, aye?
July 04 Hillcrest Parade4-001
The little boy loves to explore and that was exactly what he did while we were waiting for the parade to start.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade5-001
Look at what treasures he found... green acorns.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade6-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade7-001
Uncle Lin was there as well!
July 04 Hillcrest Parade8-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade9-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade10-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade11-001
The little boy got out in front to grab some of the candy that was being tossed to the on lookers, handed them to Daddy, and has promptly forgotten all about them.  He isn't too big into candy.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade12-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade13-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade14-001
After the parade, we adjourned to the Multi Purpose Room for home made and store bought ice cream and cookies!
July 04 Hillcrest Parade15-001
The little boy tried a few spoonfuls of a few kinds, but favored the chocolate ones :)
July 04 Hillcrest Parade16-001
After that, we stopped by the fireworks stands on the way home to get the little boy some XXL sparklers.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade18-001
That night, we went and got some of the fireworks that we had saved over the years. This was part of the stash that we had bought when we had gone back to the stands close to midnight in previous years and gotten them at deeply discounted prices.
July 04 Hillcrest Parade19-001
We live outside the city limits, and there was no burn ban at the moment.  Even so, we were very careful to watch all the embers and whatnot that we could.  Needless to say, the little boy had a Blast :)
July 04 Hillcrest Parade20-001
July 04 Hillcrest Parade21-001
The next morning, we set off some black snakes, much to the little boy's delight to round off a memorable celebration. :)
July 04 Hillcrest Parade22-001